Maple Sugar Crush (An Autumnboro Sweet Romance Book 2) by Beth Labonte

Rating: 4 out of 5.

***Readers’ Favorite 2021 Bronze Medal Winner for Holiday Fiction!***

Powerball winner Josie Morgan has learned the hard way that dating, in her financial situation, will only lead to heartbreak. She’s been perfectly happy living the single life and running the Pumpkin Everything country store. Too bad her mother can’t seem to take the hint. Unwilling to face another lineup of suitors and gold-diggers at this year’s Thanksgiving dinner, Josie opts to stay behind in Autumnboro to host a free meal for anybody without a place to go. When Josie’s family turns up in Autumnboro, faking a relationship with funeral planner Riley Parker seems like the only way to make it through the holiday. Like every other man on Earth, Riley’s only interested in her money. So what if she has a teeny, tiny crush? If he agrees to help her out, she’ll gladly write him a check. But as Thanksgiving draws closer, turkey and stuffing aren’t the only things heating up, and maybe money isn’t the only thing on Riley’s mind. Josie’s already hit the lottery once, dare she hope for anything more?

My Review

This book is filled with love, giving, and its course all the autumn fells in Autumnboro. Josie is an amazing woman with a kind heart. I truly enjoyed getting to know her better in this story. I really liked that this book made so much about giving back and didn’t highlight things like greed. This was indeed a fantastic holiday romance read. 

Josie is the rich lottery winner we met in the last book in this series. She is young at heart. Her thanksgiving with her family in the prologue kinda sucks. I feel bad for her. Oh, her mom tried to play matchmaker, which can’t go over well. She has a valid point about men in her life. The prologue was a lapse to the last thanksgiving. 

Currently, in Autumnboro, Josie has a very giving heart and has been burned in love. She is hesitant to do anything that relates to her having money or a guy wanting it. Her plans don’t quite go as planned, and I’m honestly astounded by Riley. 

I kinda like Riley and Josie together. They are quite the pair. I wasn’t expecting that, but I love that everything that went wrong in both her family and at the inn has seemed to work itself out. Yea, that includes Riley; granted, in a twist, she was the one who had to fix it, not him. I’m super sad she wouldn’t even give him a chance when he finally did it for the right reasons. However, the ending is sweet.

If you would like to read Maple Sugar Crush by Beth Labonte you can find it on Amazon. This is the second book in the Autumnboro Sweet Romance Series but can be read as a standalone book. As an Amazon Associate, I earn on qualifying purchases.

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