Beautifully Broken (Broken Love Book 1) by Bailey B

Rating: 5 out of 5.


Most people don’t think about the day they’ll die. They coast through life, blissfully unaware of how their time is ticking away. I wasn’t like most people. I welcomed death, wanted her to take me away from the prison I called life, but she refused. I tried twice only to survive. And then, when I thought I had nothing left it came.

A reason to live.

Rex was a small, unexpected ray of light my world of darkness that blossomed into a beam of sunshine. I thought, maybe this was why Death didn’t take me. Maybe she knew that if I held on a little longer things would turn around. But the third time Death came to my door wasn’t by choice. Someone else brought her, and I fear this time she might take me.


Being the son of a country star sucks. My parents are never around, I move every year or so, and I have no real friends. Everyone around me has an agenda. Everyone except Piper Lovelace. I can’t get that girl to notice me. Trust me I’ve tried.
Thankfully, fate stepped in and gave me the break I needed. I’ve got her attention, now I need her to give me a chance.

My Review

This book is precisely what the prologue suggests, but the story is impressive. The story is about survival. Surviving the torment, your own issues, and even unexpected ones are all things that sometimes high school students have to deal with. This story does have a trigger warning. Please read it. However, I enjoyed how the author didn’t make that the main focus of the book. This book is for a mature audience due to the trigger warning, mature issues and but it really doesn’t contain explicit content in detail. 

The intro and prologue of this book are fascinating. There are all references to time, death, suicide, and love. I’m honestly intrigued to see where this goes for both Piper and Rex. 

This book starts in high school. Piper is made fun of for her mother’s occupations. She uses it to her advantage for a bit but then decides to turn over a new leaf. I love the author uses Disney references in her descriptions. Piper has issues with panic attacks. I really liked the author’s description of what it feels like from her point of view. Rex Montgomery is broad and happens to stop at a suitable time for Piper. 

I have to say I love how the author made the high school experience present in the book. It isn’t full-on bullying, more like mean girl club and stuck-up jocks with big egos. I love her candor in the book about how her characters talk to each other and themselves. It makes reading this interesting. The author insinuates that Piper had had some trauma in her life. Talking about her stepbrothers Cooper and Logan. Her messed up mother and past but not anything in full details. There is a lot of chemistry in the book between Piper and Rex. 

Things are interesting between Rex and Piper. Rex is the son of a country singer. He is pampered and rich but moved around a lot. He is a gentleman and not a regular guy in high school. The book is from both points of view but seems to time jump between chapters with little to no warning for the reader going from one event to the next. 

Things become sweet, and Piper and Rex spend time together. He really is the perfect book boyfriend. But there is some sense of doom hanging over her the whole book. She is preparing to leave it all behind, even him. It all has to do with trauma and accidents, and she really is a basket case dealing with nightmares, her own anxiety, and of course, a school that taunts her. Rex is a light in her life and does start to heal her, and you see it as they get more serious about each other. 

Unfortunately, one event doesn’t go as expected, and she soon finds herself before she has a chance to run. After a tense moment, the change in the book is palpable. She does survive, and they end happily, but it definitely wasn’t what I expected as I read this book. 

I loved that pipers character was broken. It made her almost normal instead of being hidden ; the readers got a backstage pass to all her damage. I enjoyed the author portrayed her issues truly and relatable for people who suffer from them for their own reasons. High school is complex, and the author didn’t sugar coat it with her characters. Rex is an enigma in this story. I almost felt like he didn’t fit other than to be the white knight. I did enjoy the story, and I loved how real it was. Sometimes I love to read a heartfelt book that could describe reality. This author hasn’t let me down yet. Her stories are heartwarming and genuine. 

If you would like to read Beautifully Broken by Bailey B you can find it on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn on qualifying purchases.

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3 thoughts on “Beautifully Broken (Broken Love Book 1) by Bailey B

  1. Fantastic review! It sounds quite similar to ‘Kill Devil Hills’ by Sarah Darlington but.. more. I’ll have to read this one when I get the chance.
    Thanks so much for sharing!


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