Dead of Night (A vampire and witch paranormal romance) (The Thorne Hill Series Book 1) by Emily Goodwin

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Never trust a vampire.I might have learned that lesson the hard way. But when I find myself in a vampire-owned bar, I don’t have much of a choice. With vampires still trying to assimilate into mainstream society, I’ve done Lucas King a favor by stopping one of his patrons from draining a human dry in the basement of his bar. A favor he’d prefer to repay in bed than in kind.Vampires and witches have had more than a jaded history, and when witches start showing up dead in surrounding covens, all signs point to something old and powerful. Something that knows the ways of the witches.Something–or someone–like Lucas. What’s worse than trusting a vampire? Falling in love with one.Dead of Night a vampire/witch romance and is book one in the Thorne Hill series.

My Review

This book starts off with a bang. We meet a witch who is out demon hunting alone. She may not be brilliant, but she is definitely talented. We don’t know her name yet. 

Calista also runs a bookstore in town with her friend Kristy. She has seemed to have some family issues that aren’t expanded on yet. She gets into an intriguing fight at a bar and meets some vampire, but of course, Lucas is the one who sets off her radar. She is one heck of a heroine, though, and very strong and confident in her powers. She gets a strange vision causing an overreaction in a public place. I love that she is paranormal but also understands being human. She definitely has a lapse in judgment inviting a vampire into her home. But Lucas is unlike the others and very old. She also seems to be intriguing to him. 

Lucas and her encounters are steamy hot, and, of course, riddled with danger. This book gets more interesting as the hunter beacons the hunted. We do get some of her back story as she has a confrontation in the book.  Of course, our Heroine is breaking all the rules. This story is filled with magic and steamy romance plus lots of adventure. They do resolve one issue, but there always seems to be another to deal with. 

I look forward to reading more in this series. 

I do love that this story was addicting to read. 

Callie is strong, intelligent, and a trouble magnet, but she does everything with her whole heart. Lucas is old, rich, and constantly in the mood, making for many steamy scenes. Their relationship is forbidden, but they do it anyway, which makes this witch vampire romance so much more fun. I love Callie”s familiars. They have such a fantastic representation in this book. The author did an excellent job weaving a thrilling paranormal romance. The author did a great job including the supernatural aspects of the story and making it enjoyable. I truly enjoy learning more about paranormals in this book, from demons to witches and even very old vampires. 

If you would like to read Dead of Night by Emily Goodwin you can find it on Amazon. You can also find the entire Thorne Hill Series if you would like to binge read this paranormal fiction series. As an Amazon associate, I earn on qualifying purchases.

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