For Better or Worse by Jessie Marie

Rating: 4 out of 5.

She’s everyone’s little sister. He’s everyone’s protector. Will their love overcome their labels?

Jean Lee

I knew the rules.
Be level-headed.
Don’t concoct impulsive schemes.
And definitely don’t fall for Danny George.

But he was everything my ex wasn’t.
Too bad he only saw me as his best friend’s little sister.
I knew I shouldn’t scheme to get closer to him…
…But what if “fate” brought us together instead?


Jeannie was off-limits, permanently.
She was my best friend’s little sister, the one I was sworn to protect.
I was supposed to keep guys away from her.

When we were seen together looking too sweet, we agreed on a fake relationship.
Just until her salty ex got off her back.
But then, she learned of my secret.

Things got heated.
We got closer.
And I had to ask:
Could I keep my promise to her brother…
Or would I lose him… and my heart?

My Review

Danny is troubled by a traumatic event from the past. He is a bass player. His best friend Marcus is a party animal. He is also newly engaged. Danny seems like more of an introvert. He is also in a band. 

Jean Lee is a procrastinator who has had relationship issues. She is Marcus’ sister and Olivia’s friend. Things are complicated for her, and she seems to shy away from but also embrace stuff in her life. 

I find it interesting the author has included Spanish words and a translation in the story, specifically from a band member named Yasmine. I do notice some minor spelling mistakes in my arc copy of the book. 

Somehow they both agree to a fake relationship under the guise of making her ex-boyfriend jealous of who is going to her brother’s wedding. 

Their relationship is rocky at best, with moments of extreme happiness and moments of frustration. This book does get steamy as their fake relationship becomes real. But as it becomes real, they both battle their own insecurities and issues. This story is about two broken people finding their path in each other despite their problems. I truly loved that author had a broken male in this story instead of a hero. I also loved that the female character had her own struggles. Nobody was perfect in the book. 

There is some fantastic advice on these pages about healing, overcoming, and being worthy of love. The author embraced both survivors’ guilt and medical disability in her story. Jean Lee has some confidence and self-worth issues and ADHD, but she overcomes it by the end of the book with the help of herself and her family. Danny has PTSD and survivor’s guilt from a traumatic event in his life, but he too learns to lean on others and do things for his own healing. Not everything is resolved, not all doubts are assured, but they do live happily ever after. 

This was a really sweet romance story. Some moments were so hot they burned up the pages, and there were sweet moments that left you in awe, but I love that not everything was perfect in the characters’ lives. This book had some fantastic life lessons in it as well as some delightful romance. This was a unique inspirational story. 

If you would like to read For Better or Worse by Jessie Marie you can find this book on Amazon. As an Amazon associate, I earn on qualifying purchases.

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