She-Wolf and the Beast by Kenzie Graves

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The Beast is the strongest Alpha Wolf around. Cursed with a black heart, he is known to be cruel to his pack and does not dare to allow them outside of his territory. Bound to the Beast, they are to bend to his will and serve him as if they are slaves.

Isabelle, or Izzy, crosses the border to reclaim her father from the Beast after he requests an alliance. When the Beast refuses, Izzy vows to be his mate for her father’s release. Beast accepts and now Izzy has to remain behind.

Will Izzy defrost this Alpha’s cold heart and restore the pack to a harmonious balance?

My Review

This book is a paranormal retelling of a classic story. This book begins with a story about an Alpha who has been searching for the perfect mate. But despite his findings, he was not satisfied. Alpha Aiden had become the hideous-looking creature he is due to being a selfish, cold-hearted wolf shifter. Isabelle is an alphas daughter and soon to be of mating age. 

I did find some spelling mistakes in this book. Isabella is the daughter of the second strongest alpha. She finds her true mate like she thought she would, and of course, the jerk rejects her. Things get worse from there, and due to this new threat, her father decides to seek an audience with Alpha Aiden. The interaction with Isabelle and Abby, her omega-best friend, is fun, and I love how the author uses current language to make this romance contemporary.

She embarks on a journey to find her father. Upon seeing him, she trades places with him as the beast prisoner. I suspect Garrett may be a problem at some point. I also hope this all resolves before the time on the curse runs out. Much to my surprise, this book packs a big punch toward the ending before you get to the happily ever after fairy tale. 

I love this story not just for the swoony romance by also for both characters being Alphas and acting like it. This book is a retelling of a classic tale by the author that has changed so many things that it is basically a paranormal fairytale. I love Aiden’s gruff, angsty demeanor and then seen the softer side of him as well. I love reading Isabelle’s growth and changes, and she becomes a confident, strong Alpha in her own right. This book does get steamy and swoony as the story wraps up and leaves you with a peaceful resolution.  

The author did a great job of incorporating specific themes in this second chance paranormal romance that really was intriguing. Many particular items make you want to research the original story this was written from. I love the rejected mates to second chances theme that was prevalent in the book. Even though Aiden and Izzy were probably fated mates, I loved that they didn’t immediately jump on each other. The courting and dating was a fun hiatus from the action in the storyline. I’m thrilled with how this story progressed and worked out; it is quite a memorable wolf shifter read. I know I did mention every character in my review, but this one you should read for yourself if you love a fantastic romance. 

If you would like to read She-Wolf and the Beast by Kenzie Graves you can find it on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn on qualifying purchases.

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