The Halloween Mismatch: Hayrides and Honeymoons by Amberlee Day

Rating: 4 out of 5.

A new autumn season has come to Harvest Ranch, Virginia, and it’s time for another Harvest Festival!

Kindergarten teacher Daisy and haunted house designer Theo have very different ideas when it comes to creating a “spooky walk” fundraiser for the Harvest Festival. As they try to convince each other that their way is best, will they listen to what their hearts are trying to tell them?

My Review

This book is obviously part of a series. However, I have not read the other fifteen books before this one. 

Theo Simmons is staying at a quaint inn with lots of character in Harvest Ranch, Virginia. Theo is a hunted house designer or scary coordinator with no desire for commitment to one lady or place, preferring is take odd jobs and travel. 

Daisy Daniels is a local small-town kindergarten teacher. And she totally believes in the wholesome, family-friendly atmosphere of her small town.

Our resident kindergarten teacher and haunt specialist have some exciting moments together. Designing as haunted walk together is sure to show their differences, yet they eventually fall in love. However, it is amusing to read the back and forth between these two characters and their different ideas. The book does get steamy, but it is still a clean and wholesome romance. This story ends happily, and I really didn’t expect the ending, but I did enjoy the slow-burn romance. 

I liked that author literally made opposites attract in this story. These two couldn’t have been more different in both their values and ideas. However, when put together on a project, we got to see them both adjusting to the others’ needs sometimes without even realizing it. This story is totally autumn-themed in this small town and really sweet. I liked the special moments that life faded away from the couple, and they just enjoyed the magic of each other. 

If you would like to read The Halloween Mismatch: Hayrides and Honeymoons by Amberlee Day you can find it on Amazon. As an Amazon associate I earn on qualifying purchases.

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