Hidden in Darkness: Salvatore Preparatory Academy Books 1-3 by Ali D. Jensen

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Hidden in Darkness: Salvatore Preparatory Academy Book One

My life has always been a constant battle, fighting off the demons that hide in the dark. I remained hidden in the shadows for so long. Now my whole world has been flipped upside down and I am finding that I may have to step into the light if I want to find my way. Even though my life isn’t what I thought it was, it’s prepared me well for what’s to come.
My grandfather expects me to become his protege, the next queen of the mafia. Up until now, I’ve been fighting to survive but it looks like I may not be fighting alone

When three drool worthy sex gods enter my life, things get complicated. They hate me before they even get to know me. They condemn me even as their heated gaze shows me how badly they want me but eventually none of us have the strength to deny what’s clearly meant to be.

They fight me.
They fuck me.
They destroy me.
They love me.

When everything falls apart, will they be strong enough to put it all back together?

At the end of the day, they may just be the reason I survive. They might be everything I never knew I needed. Will they be the Kings to my Queen. Together we were meant to rule it all but what happens if we have to fight what’s been hidden in darkness all along?

Hidden in Darkness: Salvatore Preparatory Academy Book Two

I got a brief glimpse into the light before I was sucked back into the dark. I had a dream. I finally had a future and was no longer alone and hiding in the shadows. Matteo, Noah and Cohen had finally earned my respect and I’d just learned what it meant to truly love.

When I get kidnapped by a mysterious stranger, everything changes and now I have to find a new way to make my way. I wake up in a dank, cold cellar, completely separated from the real world. All I’m left with is a menacing masked man who wants to keep me for himself.

He’s willing to fight for me.
He wants to fuck me.
He says I’ll destroy him.
He tells me I’m his one true love.

But in this stranger I find loyalty, understanding and the truth.

My world comes crumbling down around me when I learn about all the lies and half truths that made up my life. The puzzle pieces finally come together and when my guys come for me, everything will change.

The underground is a cruel and evil world, and I have every intention of rising to the top with all of my kings by my side. I know that I can make my mark in a man’s world and be the queen of it all, but first I have to survive.

Hidden in Darkness: Salvatore Preparatory Academy Book Three

With one final look at the men I love, I die. I slip away into the darkness while they decide if I’m worth saving or not…

I guess I wasn’t worth it in the end. But you know what they say – secrets never stay secrets- and apparently mine were too much for them to handle. Instead, they allowed their hatred to win and our love to fall into the nothingness that consumed me. Only through pure luck, voodoo magic, power of the gods, or pure determination to remain alive am I still here, broken but living.

Ren stayed by my side through it all and when I finally woke up I could see the destruction left in the wake of my family having lived through the hardest part of my death and the greatest moment of my survival. My husband, my mom, nonno and best friend are all I have left in this imperfect family we created.

When I find out that my boys abandoned me, my broken heart demands revenge. It looks like Salvatore Prep hasn’t seen the last of me. Only this time, I’m not going for the diploma. I’m coming for the boys who stole my heart, watched it bleed out, and left it for dead. Matteo, Noah, and Cohen have no idea what’s coming for them. I’m either going to take back their hearts or take them the fuck out. Nobody messes with a mafia queen. Not even her kings.

I’m going to fight them.

I’m going to fuck them.

I’m going to destroy them.

I’m going to make them pay.

Senior year has been everything I’ve ever looked forward to. It was the light at the end of the tunnel for so long, but now… Well, now it might just be the end of us all.

My Review

Hidden in Darkness: Salvatore Preparatory Academy Book One

So this book does come with a warning at the start. The author is very upfront with what is in the book. Some may not enjoy this read and the triggers in it. This is a dark high school romance with a reverse harem, dark themes, and explicit scenes. Mature readers are only advised.

This book starts with an emotional, gut-wrenching scene. However, we don’t know who it is? Quinn explains the scenes when we meet her as a nightmare but is it really? Or was it her?

She has a hard life and is only in high school. She is street smart and determined. There are some minor missing words in the story easy to read through. Wow, what a way to drop a bomb on a kid, and this keeps getting more twisted.

This book is mainly from Quinn’s point of view. Her life has seriously flipped from where this book started, yet there is still so much to be explained. She drops into her new school, a preppy academy, and already had a run-in with a boy she shouldn’t have. I find it curious that the family name matches the school’s name and wonder if her new family is in any relationship with the founders. Also, how is it that her new or current mom has so much means and money? She seems to be settling in even joined an MMA club at school. Her mother is a little vague, but I’m sure we’ll find out soon.

The kings change their ways suddenly instead of hating on her; they seem to like her. But why? All things get explained, but will she fight it? This book moves right along and gets super steamy. I love how positive, determined and confident she is despite her history. Her traits are a unique addition to the storyline, and not sure how all that works out. So this book that started questionably somehow turned into a mafia romance with a harem of Demigods. That is how these stunning boys are described, wanting the Queen.

In the later part of the book, It actually does give us the guy’s perspective. Their happy life is crumbled, and she makes a decision without them. This should play out interesting. If things couldn’t get worse, this story goes from interest to disturbing. This story does end on a cliffhanger.

I admit this book starts out as a bully romance and quickly changes to a reverse harem romance story. It does have some dark themes and violence, and mature content. But honesty, what parent lets teenage boys move into their home with their teenage daughter even under the guise of better protection. Some of the ideas in this book are a little far-fetched. I do love how strong the heroine is, and I do love the guys who have turned around but still kinda act like jerks, so their entire personalities didn’t change with her in their lives. However, this story does get dark and complicated.

Hidden in Darkness: Salvatore Preparatory Academy Book Two

 Again this book comes with a warning; make sure you read it as this does contain dark themes. I find it interesting how the author is weaving Mafia and underground into the story. I’m sickly fascinated where this will go even though it is dark, contains violence and some triggers. 

This first chapter jumps back in time, and we get the viewpoint of whom I’m thinking is a sick evil person. Who is this guy? Why does he want her? What will her kings do about it? 

LJ is an obsessed stalker and yet another marriage contract he wants to fulfill with Quinn. But he rants and raves like a sociopath. I think I preferred her kings. 

This book is intriguing, and her decision will affect the rest of her life. I thought three guys at once to love was terrible enough, but why now a fourth? And why does he have to be a part sociopath? I get that this is all Mafia-related and all about power, but it is still weird. 

As time passes, her family becomes more significant, and the world gets a little crazier. This book also gets steamy. I love the Ninja Turtle reference in the book. It was a nice funny moment as most of the chaos of this book. Things get steamy and more relaxed for a while. Life as she knows it seems to work out. But there is a secret, but you don’t find it out till the end of the cliffhanger. What will she do?

Hidden in Darkness: Salvatore Preparatory Academy Book Three

 Again this book comes with a warning. This series does contain dark themes, potential triggers, and lots of explicit material. Only recommended for mature readers. 

This first chapter jumps back to the big secret and lets it play out for the reader from her viewpoint. Then the book time jumps to the kings their perspective. Everything was great, and now, it is a mess, and honestly, this is the most heartbreaking book. Because the last book we saw happiness and love and this book are all back to high-school drama. Then it turns into more of the cold dark themes that are a refreshing intro to the mafia world. The end of the book really surprised me. 

I usually don’t prefer a reverse harem, but this one has some interesting twists in it. I like that the characters were damaged and not perfect. I like that the author included trigger and dark themes. The story itself was probably a bit far-fetched for reality, but it was a good book nonetheless. She did an excellent job of balancing steamy scenes with heart-gripping emotions. This story is dark and gritty, but it also has some insightful text.

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