Into The Light: A Contemporary Vampire Romance (Immortal Hearts Book 1) by Katherine Hastings

Rating: 5 out of 5.

All he wanted was her blood… then her whole heart started coming with it.

Broke. That’s what I was after my husband ran off with another woman. Not just my heart, either. My bank account took the hit, too. Thanks to the debt he left behind, I struggled to get by while I pieced my life back together. Until I’m made an offer I can’t refuse.

Five million dollars, and all I have to give is five years of my life as a blood donor – to a vampire.

It was supposed to be a business transaction. He gets my blood; I get his money. Simple. Easy.

I should have known better.

I wasn’t the only one broken. Except, the truth was, with him around… I didn’t feel broken anymore. When the truth comes to life, when there are more than just two options, we both have a choice to make. He can either join me in the light, or I can embrace the darkness.

My Review

Emilia is a server at a bar or drinks place in Chicago. She is humorous and quirky. She is twenty-nine and has recently had a crappy hand in life dealt to her, mainly because of her now ex-husband. 

He is a little weird. His name is Aiden, and his associate Mark. They offer her a lucrative business proposition. Just her luck, a patron would like to talk to her and buys her time with a steep amount. Just in time as she gets fired from her server position at the bar. 

What a proposition and a bit of terrifying truth to go with it. I wonder if she will accept? I can’t figure out how Mark, a supposed human knows the secret and stays at the house. Who is he to Aiden? I like that this jumps to Aiden’s perspective because what we see from other characters’ points of view is an uptight rich guy with no personality. 

Aha, it gets revealed that makes more sense. She does agree, but what he feels is different than before, and I’m wording how this will play out. I love the paranormal history Aiden is spouting off. It is so intriguing. Yes, this is set in a modern world, and he is ancient. 

This book has the third wheel vibe as Mark seems to be her daytime entertainment and there as needed, and Aiden appears to be her nighttime companion at least till things get heated. Then he runs off. But finally, they both are overcome by their chemistry, and this gets steamy. 

He surprises her with a fairytale birthday complete with swoon-worthy surprises, and the kiss is hot enough to melt the pages. But just as all is well, he makes a decision that has consequences. Now they must save him, and then the book becomes more fantasy than paranormal.

Just as I’m writing this, the book creeps into fantasy. Their romance comes thru, and so do the waterworks omg, that scene couldn’t have been more emotional. That is some magic. This book does end happy, but I won’t ruin it for you. 

This story could have been a movie. It read perfectly. It was exciting, page-turning, sweet, and romantic, with a nice amount of drama, trouble, and emotions thrown in to keep you on your toes. This book contained so much more than just a vampire romance. It had terrific history, emotional content, and even fantastical tales woven in. I enjoyed the love sorry in this book. I liked that they were older adults, but both were willing to sacrifice for each other. There were a few minor spelling mistakes in the book, but it didn’t distract from the storyline.

I look forward to reading more in this series, even though it is with different characters. 

If you would like to read Into The Light: A Contemporary Vampire Romance (Immortal Hearts Book 1) by Katherine Hastings you can find it on Amazon. This book is also is in boxed set , Immortal Hearts Complete Series: Contemporary Vampire Romance Book Series on Amazon. As an Amazon associate I earn on qualifying purchases.

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