Keeping You: Crestwood University Novella Book 1 by Harper Michaels

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I’ve loved Liam since I had thick glasses and shiny new braces. Now that I’m attending Crestwood University with him, I’m determined to make him see me as more than his best friend’s little sister. I change my style, even go so far as to color my hair pink, all just to catch his attention. Have I finally caught his eye? When he finally does see me as a woman to be desired, what comes next?

Sophie is the sweet little girl who always tagged after her older brother and me. She’s one of the few people in my life that I can count on. When her older brother asks me to look after her, I don’t expect my Sophie to show up as a feisty and fierce knockout. When did she turn into a woman? I can’t help but want her, but what comes next? I can’t give her the happily ever after that she dreams of, so what do I have to offer her?

She’s always wanted only him…he wants her with a fierce desire that can’t be denied. Whose heart will get broken first?

My Review

I received an arc copy of this from the author, and I am leaving a review voluntarily. 

Sophie is a kind-hearted girl. This story starts ten years earlier with her recollection of a monumental day, also the day she met Liam. 

Liam is a good guy but still a young college guy. He was tasked by Sophie’s brother to look after her. They did grow up together, so why not.  

Liam has some exciting yet adolescent-minded quotes at the beginning of each chapter. Then again, Sophie’s quotes are not at all clear either. They seem to make a deal, but they are so hot for each other who knows where this will go. This story is full of mature content and gets steamy very quick. 

They have a bunch of very rocky moments. But this sweet read will surprise you. This is the perfect Novella to make you smile and believe in love again. 

I really enjoyed this short, sweet read. The author did a great job of developing the characters and really portraying the feeling in the story. I loved the romance and issues in the story and how they were resolved so sweetly. This story read like a dream come true and played out like one too. I loved the depth of the characters even though we only knew them for a short time. I want to read more about them. It was that good. I loved Sophie and Liam’s story. This novella hits all the sweet, steamy, and emotional marks all in on a quick read package.

If you would like to read Keeping You: Crestwood University Novellas Book 1 by Harper Michaels you can find it on Amazon. As an Amazon assocaite i earn on qualifying purchases.

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