You Really Got Me(Rock Star Romance Book 1) by Erika Kelly

Rating: 5 out of 5.

If Emmie Valencia can get her brother’s band to the next level, her career will be set. So, if she has to live with five hard-partying guys, it’s worth the sacrifice. And the sizzling connection between her and the cocky, smoking hot, lead singer? Not a problem. She’s been there before and has the broken heart to show for it. She won’t make that mistake again.

Slater Vaughn’s not what he seems. Sure, he’s hot, he’s sexy, and no one can captivate a crowd the way he does. But there’s another side he doesn’t show anyone…except Emmie. She sees right through him, past the wounds, down to his soul. And once he falls, there’s no turning back.

So, it’s a cruel twist of fate that right when Emmie lets down her guard and falls in love, she scores a national tour for the band. They’re opening for the sexy, wildly talented, “It girl” of the moment. A woman so similar to Slater…it’s like they were meant for each other.

Emmie swore she wouldn’t fall for another musician, but here she is. Does she let him go…or does she take a leap of faith that they can go the distance?

My Review

Emmy Valencia was born and raised with musicians and recently broke up with one as well. Hoping he would be different, but he wasn’t. Alex is cocky, gorgeous, and a heartbreaker. His bandmates seem very friendly with Emmie. Emmie works hard and takes no bull, even from her boss. 

The book jumps to Slater’s point of view as he loses yet another manager. This seems to be an interesting messed-up family. She is living with her brother, and the band and things are bound to get interesting. But then her brother introduces her to help them get bigger shows. 

Skater and Emmie seem to hit it off in the attraction and friendly advice. The chemistry between these two and her being off-limits appears to be burning up the pages. They are friendly and definitely notice the attraction but will they do something about it. After all, Emmie knows she doesn’t want to date a rockstar. Slater knows she is leaving soon to go back to New York. 

Emmie really is the girl next door compared to the walking model that is Slater. She makes a decision that definitely changes her future and helps the band shift theirs. I like that this book is before the fame of being a rockstar. This book gets super steamy. It seems they struggle to be ordinary people and also rockstars at the same time. Unfortunately, the world comes crashing down for her and Slater. Will they fight for each other? 

Surprise, a happy ending and one I didn’t see coming, but I hoped for. What will become of this band? You may want to read the other books in this Rock Star Romance series. 

I loved that this story started before the band was famous. I loved the bonding that happened when Derek’s sister moved in. I love how the rockstars defended Emmie. I love that this book also included finding yourself and doing what you want for yourself, not others in the theme. I love the super-steamy romance between Emmie and Slater. I also loved how it was a very emotional read. You really connected to the characters and their fears and joy. When things started to happen, I loved that they talked as a team of brothers and not just a band. This author wrote an endearing story that I’m sure many upcoming musicians can relate to, maybe not all the romance. Still, that storyline definitely interested me as a reader. This book is full of off the pages chemistry, amazing lyrics, and heartfelt discussions. 

If you like this book make sure you check out the other books in this series Rock Star Romance. I look forward to the next book in this series I Want You To Want Me. If you love this book you may also like books with these tags and categories Rockstar, slowburn romance and friends to lovers.

You can find You Really Got Me by Erika Kelly on Amazon . As an Amazon Associate I earn on qualifying purchases. You can also find the entire Rock Star Romance Series on Amazon. Also check Erika Kelly’s Author Page on Amazon.


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