Take Me Home Tonight (Rock Star Romance Book 3) by Erika Kelly

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Calix Bourbon might seem like a free spirit, but that’s all a front. In reality, he’s just trying to keep his fractured family together while working as a session musician. When Blue Fire hires him to replace their keyboardist, Calix is determined to make the most of the opportunity—but he can’t help being distracted by the band’s sexy personal chef.

Mimi’s temporary gig is great, but she has her heart set on auditioning for a televised cooking show. There’s just one problem: she only has a week to acquire the skills necessary to survive the competition. Luckily, the band’s new keyboard player can teach her exactly what she needs, in the kitchen and in the bedroom…

My Review

This is Mimi’s story. She was introduced in the last book ( I Want You To Want Me) by a friend of Violet’s. Amelia or Mimi is only looking for her father’s acceptance. When all else fails, she joking a cooking competition, hoping to win his approval. 

Calix is a band member who happens to be in the right place at the right time but also her fantasy man. Calix’s family is kinda a mess. They seem to be trying to move on but not quite whole after his brother’s passing. Their house exists, but the home isn’t full of life anymore, more like walking on eggshells. 

Things get steamy, and a lot of unsolicited advice flies, but Calix seems to be living again. Mimi is blunt, honest, and has no bs outlook, and I love her personality. This seems a lot more like lust than love. But we shall see where this goes. They both have a lot to deal with and a lot of guilt to overcome. 

This book does end happily with a fantastic story. I didn’t get as emotional in this book, nor did I feel as much connection to the characters. I did love that the band and characters we know were in the book. This book had many overcoming obstacles for our couple, and maybe I didn’t get the grief they had to overcome for Calix to love. I did, however, see the daughter who tried to get closer to her dad, but even that didn’t inspire emotions. I did enjoy the story and the sweet names they came up with. I loved that Mimi fought for what she wanted, and her personality really shined through in her actions and words. Calix was a stoic character who had a lot to overcome, but I did love seeing the change in him as the story progressed, even though sometimes he took two steps back. I love the ending of this book, and I love the author’s resolution to end this story. 

If you like this book make sure you check out the other books in this series Rock Star Romance, I look forward to the next book in the series More Than A Feeling . If you love this book you may also like books with theese tags and categories Rockstar Romance, friends to lovers and Contemporary.

You can find Take Me Home Tonight by Erika Kelly on Amazon . As an Amazon Associate I earn on qualifying purchases. You can also find the entire Rock Star Romance Series on Amazon. Also check Erika Kelly’s Author Page on Amazon.


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