Falling For You: Growing Pains Book 1 by Harper Michaels

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Atlanta, Georgia is the new Hollywood of the South. The mansions of Five Oaks are where all of the rich and famous want to live, and the lavish Riverton Prep is the desired school for their privileged kids.


I will never fit in at Riverton Prep. Since my dad took the job as principal here, I’ve spent most of my time desperately trying to hide in the shadows. I want nothing more than to go unnoticed by the wanna-be YouTube stars that roam these hallways. At least I have my romance novels, and the hope that one day I’ll find my own happily ever after. When something traumatic happens to me, the guy who saves me doesn’t seem like the hero type. Is Sawyer meant to be my hero or the villain of my story?

Since the scandal that rocked my family three years ago, I am considered unwelcome trash by most of the residents of Five Oaks. That’s fine with me, except that I’m forced into working for my sinister uncle and bonehead cousin. When I rescue Ronnie from a scary situation, she shows me that I can be someone different. Can I be the good guy she needs me to be or am I destined to be the bad guy like the other men in my family?

My Review

I was given a free copy of this book by the author and I am leaving an honest review voluntarily.

Sawyer is a realist. He sees what he used to be like and now is due to a scandal. He is a southern man who seems to have fallen from the nobility’s graces. Sometimes he is a gentleman and other times a bit of a playboy.

Ronnies seem different like she does quite belong at this Riverton Prep. She is not a bully like the other girls, and she doesn’t act like them either. She loves to read romance and believes in the fairy tale’s happy ending.

Ronnie speaks to my book worm heart. Her truth is very relatable if you love to read. Sawyer is a bad boy with a past we don’t quite have all the info for. But he does seem like more of a gentleman than his cousin Brad. Ronnie and Sawyer’s interactions seem to get more strained and sarcastic as they happen. She finds herself humiliated in front of the angry kids. He comes to save her but is very pessimistic. Sayer has ulterior motives for working at the cabin but being her savior and protector seems to steer him off course a little.

Ronnie is lovely and innocent, but she can’t help but feel the butterflies and sparks toward Sawyer. Something scary happens between Ronnie and Brad, and I’m glad Sawyer comes to her rescue. Everything looks like it’s going uphill from there. But in reality, it gets worse before it gets better. I do love the romantic and teenage lust the author included in this story. It does kinda have a mafia feel when we get to know Sawyers’ uncle. I love that Sawyer did the right thing despite him. This story is so very new adult with lots of steamy scenes or innuendos.

They may be young, but they don’t deny their heart. Their story was super sweet and romantic. I love how the author wrapped it all up. I also enjoyed the dual perspectives in the book jumping from Sawyer to Ronnie and focusing on them for a chapter or two before it changes. I love that Ronnie was a bookworm and an outcast; it made her character very special and relatable. Ronnie is dreamy, innocent, and intelligent. Still, even she can’t escape bad circumstances. I feel like her character embraced it and moved on. Sawyer is angsty, but he learns to stop blaming himself for other people’s mistakes. He finally chooses himself and his happiness. I liked that both of them experienced first with the romance is a slow burn and not instant. They did have to learn to trust each other and forgive each other and fight for each other. This story was very relatable to a real-life relationship. The author did add trouble to the story. Some of it might have been a little dramatic, but it definitely added to Sawyer’s character and his backstory. Overall this was a delightful new adult romance.

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