Loving You: Growing Pains Book 2 by Harper Michaels

Rating: 5 out of 5.

They are the children of the rich and famous of the South. In this second novel of the series, Growing Pains, the gang has moved from their posh homes on the outskirts of Atlanta to a secluded university in Savannah. The moss that hangs from the old oak trees there will only hide so much…Secrets will be discovered and love will bloom.


Dax and Lily…our names have been said together for most of our lives. Best friends, neighbors, we know each other inside and out. I love being the shoulder she can lean on. I love being the one who makes her smile. I love her period…and that’s the problem. I’m in love with my best friend and she doesn’t have a clue. She’s endured more than any woman should, so when she asks me for a favor, I can’t say no. But will her request lead to inevitable heart break for me? Can I make it through this unscathed?


A little over a year ago, my life changed forever. Because of one night, I’ll never be the same again. All I want is to feel ‘normal’, whatever that is. I want to feel like a strong woman, instead of the vulnerable mess I’ve become. Dax is my best friend and the only man that I can trust. He’s the only one whose touch I can endure. Is my favor too much to ask of the guy who has always been there for me? What will he say to my proposal and will it change us forever?

My Review

This book is a contemporary new adult romance with a trigger warning. The author chose a sensitive subject to write about and have her characters deal with. The story is filled with love, support, friendship, and romance. I love that Lilly is damaged or broken, or so she thinks. She didn’t have the perfect home and perfect family, and she has been thru a difficult situation. Dax doesn’t have the ideal home, but he is loving, sweet, supportive, and patient. The perfect book boyfriend. Their story is honest and realistic, and the author approaches the sensitive subjects with thoughtfulness. This romance was a fantastic read, and I really enjoyed the story.

Dax is madly in love with his best friend, Lilly. Awe, I love that they have a particular childhood spot like a treehouse. This isn’t the average treehouse, more like a tree mansion of the rich and famous, or at least Dax’s father is a rockstar. He hints that Lilly has had a tough year, and Brad seems to be the cause but no details.

Awe, poor Lilly; her father seems to have innate control of her life but doesn’t do what she wants, and she is heartbroken to leave her best friend Dax. Her family is all sorts of messed up, especially her pastor father. She reveals something significant that allows her and her mom to escape the horrible man. We jump forward by three months. This book has a trigger warning for sensitive topics; please read it before reading the story.

Three months later, at Crestwood University, Lilly announces her plans change, and everyone is happy for her except Dax. What the ever-loving heck is up with that. I figured he would be excited to see her. They work it out, and she reveals some of the secrets but not all of them.

I’m sensing a theme here. Lilly is a mess and damaged goods, but she hasn’t talked about it with anyone. I’m sure Dax will flip his lid when she does. Dax seems to have the typical guy feeling and thought of his best friend, and he is trying to control it, but his thoughts seem to go wayward sometimes. Poor Dax friend zoned again. However, the story is intriguing.

I love some of the quotes in this book; they are very inspiring and truthful. Lilly finally gets help from a school counselor. So far, this book is a slow-burn new adult romance. Omg, Lilly and Dax’s best friends agree to a monogamous fake relationship while they experiment with each other. This can’t be good; someone will get hurt.

This book gets very steamy as they really connect, but things start to break down as they get closer. Then this book gets emotional as Lilly discusses some of her fears. Omg, Valentine’s Day chapter is so romantic I can’t even contain my swooning. Just wow, that ending.

This story was a fantastic read, and I loved reading thru the romance, friendship, and love that Dax and Lilly share. I have to say I love how the author approached the sensitive topics in this book with love, support, and friendship and was not overly described. Yes, she absolutely includes a trigger topic. Still, she also takes a very broken girl character, and you watch her heal and become a warrior with healthy support and interactions and others. I admire the author’s courage and thoughtfulness.

This book is part of the Growing Pains Series and does carry some characters and references to characters in the first book Falling for you but this can be read as a standalone book.

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