The Alpha’s Prey: A YA Werewolf Story by Melody Tyden

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Katlyn works in the Alpha’s house where she has a secret crush on the Alpha’s son. Little does she know that he will turn out to be her mate or that he will reject her – but not for the reason that she thinks. The Alpha has forced his hand, but only because he wants Katlyn for himself. Can she figure out the truth before she becomes the Alpha’s Prey? A Young Adult Werewolf Story

My Review

Katlyn is almost 18. Instead of living an extraordinary life, she is an omega. Instead of fun for her birthday, she gets stuck serving a private dinner party for the Alpha. She discovers that Evan, the Alpha’s son, is her mate. Unfortunately for her, he rejects her at his father’s request. The Alpha comes off as manipulative and a jerk. His son is a bit of a child as he lets his father just temple his will. Eventually, he does start fighting back. There is a light at the end of the tunnel that is the messed up situation in this book. It takes a lot to get there. 

I will tell you, at first, I almost put this book down as I couldn’t take the amount of manipulation and selfishness presented. On top of that, reading thru how much our female character was being hurt and lied to was very difficult for me. As the story progresses, I just had it know if she was taken by the Alpha or fought for by the Alpha’s son. It was a good tale at the end, and a lot of the story made more sense. But I was offended and hated the Alpha at first. I love how the author made her omega strong and forgiving even in the face of a jerk. The entire time thru the story, I was hoping the Alphas son Evan would pull his head out of the cloud and do something, and finally, he did. I was so excited when the story changed from accepting that he would take a chosen mate to fight for his mate. I won’t give the ending away, but this story did eventually become a decent read. I would have liked more info on the Alphas daughter that assited the couple and her finding a second chance mate.

This story is Ya read, so it can be read by younger audiences. There really wasn’t anything offensive in it besides the manipulative character. There were some adult topics touched in the book, but you would have to decide for yourself if it could be read by your young adult.

Check out more of Melody Tydens books on her Amazon Author page , dont forget to check out the Q & A with Author Melody Tyden.

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