Book Promotion: Moon Bound by M.L. Philpitt

Fate will not win…

Moon Bound, Book Two in Author M.L. Philpitt’s Witches Bind Trilogy is OUT NOW!!


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• • •  ABOUT THE BOOK  • • •


All I wanted was to get away from my coven and its archaic rules. My dream is to live a regular human life, but when my wish to leave the coven is granted, of course there’s strings attached. Given to the shifter pack near us, freedom is even further away.

The only good thing about my new life is the sexy, new alpha of the pack, Ryder. But submitting to this life still means captivity, and no matter what kind of attraction we have, I refuse to accept it regardless of what fate may be trying to tell me.


I needed magic to save my dying father, and what I got instead was a witch who wants out of the supernatural life. She gives me more than I bargained for when I realize she’s my future. We reach an understanding, but she’s bound and determined to leave the pack and coven life behind.

But I won’t let her go, as even if she’s chosen to fight me on this, she belongs with me.

*Trigger warnings include death, kidnapping, swearing, sex, and emotional abuse.

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