Rising Moon (Shadow Guild: Wolf Queen Book 4) by Linsey Hall

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The Dark Moon curse has struck

For centuries, my kind was thought to be extinct. It turns out that we aren’t, but I’m the only one left. I was chosen for reasons that I don’t understand, and it’s up to me to save the werewolves when the Dark Moon curse strikes.

To make matters worse—or maybe better—my fated mate Lachlan has been hexed to forget me. Suddenly, I’m a stranger to him, but it could be a gift, because as soon as we fall for each other, I’m fated to die.

In order to save the packs, I’m going to need Lachlan’s help. We should be resisting each other—and it should be easier because he has no memory of me—but the attraction between us is irresistible. But no matter what, I can’t allow myself to fall for the alpha werewolf who is my mate.

My Review

I’m actually surprised to read this book after the last one as I was sure the adventure had ended. Eve is now a Dire wolf; however, she is still full is sass and attitude. This book starts out very fast and full of unexpected events. Add in demons, the curse, and why they are hunting eve, and this book is one heck of an intense mystery. With Lachlan’s memory loss, they are out into a predicament, and even though they know they shouldn’t do anything, they can’t seem to not be attracted to one another. A steamy kiss leaves them both breathless and, of course, leaves them falling for each other. As the couple grows closer, even though they shouldn’t, they also get little bits of information leading them on an adventure to solve why the maker is doing what he is and why Eve’s new dire wolf status is essential. I really wish the book would go further into their relationship and why they can’t mate. But, of course, they finally succumb to their attraction, only for Lachlan to be enraptured by the curse. The last scenes in this book are intense as Eve learned her fate and takes power. Of course, I couldn’t believe it ended on a cliffhanger, and another book called Wolf Queen book 5 is available for preorder now.

This author always has an adventure in her books. The entire book is spent solving one mystery after another and traveling all over with potions. I love how the author intrigues the reader with her adventures and unforeseen mysteries. This is a fantasy book but also includes paranormal romance and a lot of action and adventure. The author has done a fantastic job with this series always being exciting and new even though it has come so far. I definitely recommend reading this one in order. 

If you would like to read Rising Moon (Shadow Guild: Wolf Queen Book 4) by Linsey Hall . As an Amazon associate I earn for qualifying purchases. 

There has been anothers book launched in this series but I have choosen not to read it at this time . If you would like to read Wolf Queen (Shadow Guild: Wolf Queen Book 5) by Linsey Hall you can find it on Amazon.

Although this series was interesting I kinda felt that the story started to drag on and wasn’t resolved enough to hold my interest.


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