Diablous King: The King series book 1: A mafia series by Aura Bud

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Diablo is a cold-hearted mafia king who’s a single father. He had a bad experience with an ex-lover, which made his trust in women fall. That is until the babysitter walks into his life.Will she be able to understand their line of work? Their way of life? Or will it be too much for her?She comes from a life where she only had her two siblings to lean on, perhaps working for the King’s will reveal secrets and a whole new identity.

My Review

I was asked by the Author to review this book and I am leaving an honest review voluntairly.

First off, the cover of this book is fantastic, so dark and mysterious it definitely leads to thinking the book will be as well. The blurb is interesting but didn’t really give me many clues as to the book’s premise. This book has some minor spelling errors, but it didn’t take me long to figure out the missing word. This book is from multiple points of view, jumping from Ashley to Danil to the Mafia King. They have a messed-up family, but they are family nonetheless and value each other above all.

Ashley is a 20-year-old woman caring for her younger brother and sister. Her past is a nightmare, but she strives to overcome and provide with two jobs and responsibilities above her age. Danil king comes to the dinner she works at. He is tatted and mysterious but enjoys Ashley’s work ethic. A horrible day happens, and she gets fired in front of him, and he offers her a job. 

This story is enthralling. Ashley takes the job and all it entails. There are many characters in this story, with the King’s family having 4 men and a high school student and her bringing her two siblings into the mix and the bodyguards and, of course, the princess she is watching plus all the cousins and other family members. Diablo is a dangerous man, and danger to quickly invades. But when it does, he realizes he likes the babysitter. I love how growly and possessive he is toward her. 

This book gets twisted and emotional from this point, and you really have to read the entire story to catch all the turns. I loved how this book is going and can’t wait to see what happens. This book gets super sentimental toward the end but so far hasn’t solved the issues they were all having in the first place. 

I’m waiting for the family to reunite, and it just isn’t happening. Instead, it is almost like the characters are out of the story, but with nearly the first half of the book devoted to them, I’m wondering why the author went that route. It does mention them even at the end. I wonder if Ava and Ace are in the second book. 

I enjoyed this read, even with the spelling issues and monologues. I would give this three stars. I did love the basis of the story and the twists and turns and action in the book. However, I don’t feel like it wrapped up and would have wished for a different ending or an epilogue to cover the missing pieces. If you read the book from that pretense, this was a great romance, and don’t get over-involved with the characters. I thought the author portrayed the mafia characters well and created a page-turning romance. But since the book contained so much action and twists, I would have enjoyed all being resolved by the end as well. 

If oyu would like to read Diablous King by Aura Bud you can find it on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate I earn on qualifying purchases. There is a second book in this sereis and you can find the entire series on Aura’s Amazon page.

Im not sure yet if I want to read the next book in the series Diablous Queen. I know it isnt on my list right now but maybe in the future I will go back and read it.


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