Wolf Taken (Luna Marked Book 2) by Heather Renee

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Accepting fate is the only way forward.

I thought I knew what I needed, but all it took was one kidnapping and a near-death experience to show me how wrong I’d been. Wrong about my new life, the people in it, and who I was supposed to be.

I’m finally the supernatural I was meant to be—even if things hadn’t gone as planned. Now, it’s time to release my control and see what happens when I let go.

Losing Cait awoke a fear inside me I’d never known existed before. She’s become more than I ever expected and yet, nothing is working out how I wanted.

Trouble awaits us at every turn and the harder I try to protect Cait, the worse things seem to get. When left with no other choice, I’ll have to trust fate even as everything is falling apart around us.

My Review

I love that this story starts with a map. This book picks up where the first one left off. Cait had been abducted and is tied in a basement in the West Texas Pack with Alpha Cohen. The uncle to her mate and the Alpha Roman, she was within the East Texas Pack. This book is from a dual point of view, jumping between Cait’s and Romans’ perspectives. Like the previous book, this one is full of prophecy and magic. It is paranormal to all books but also contains fantasy aspects. Be ready for wolf shifters, Witches, and more. Cait rediscovers herself after an untimely fate and vows to do it right this time. She and Roman are steamy. The action in this book gets intense as they unexpectedly get revenge. 

This book is a fantastic read. I love seeing Cait and Romans’ relationship and her confidence in her new supernatural abilities. Roman is a powerhouse of an alpha, but he is so kind and caring to his mate. Cait is a different person in this book than the first one, but I loved seeing her get out of her own way and accept the life she now has. I’m kinda sad it took death and so much turmoil to trigger it, but it was a great story.

I look forward to reading the last book in this series when it is released. If you haven’t read the first book in this sereis you will want to read that before this book or they won’t make sense. You can find Wolf Kissed by Heather Renee on Amazon and check out my review of it here.

If you have already read the first book in the Luna Marked Series and would like to read this new release of Wolf Taken by Heather Renee you can find it on Amazon. As an Amazon associate I earn on qualifying purchases.

The third book Wolf Mated by Heather Renee in the Luna Marked Series is now available.


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