Devil’s Flame MC Box Set: Books 1-5 by Romi Hart

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Warning: The Devil’s Flame MC Box Set is full of rugged, gruff, alpha protectors!
They will melt your kindle and keep you up all night long.

Six years.
That’s how long I’ve been burning in pain.
Tormented by sleepless nights and the fury that rises inside me every time I think of my sister.
Death should’ve chosen me instead but it took her away from me.
But I’m still fucking alive and I will punish every single one of those bastards who dared to lay hands on her.
The key that’ll lead me to my enemy is his sister.
A complete firecracker of a woman.
I’ve told myself she’s off limits. That she’s only a means to an end. And nothing more.
But who the fuck was I kidding. I knew I was in trouble the moment I set eyes on her.
Fuck everything. I’m not letting her go now. I’m gonna claim her as mine.
But what happens when I wage the war against her brother? Can I trust her to be on my side or will the shadows of her past pull her away from me?

I’m ruthless for my brothers, my club, my family.
My injuries brought me to the hospital.
Who knew I would meet a nurse who could take my pain away in an instant.
Spending time in the hospital has never been more enticing.
The problem is she hates bikers.
But I’m not the one to give up.
I’ll make sure she gives up before I do.
But trouble never leaves the town.
It’s dangerous for Leigh to stay with me.
Those bastards don’t know who they’re messing with.
I’ll do whatever it takes.
I’ll save and protect Leigh, forever.

I’ve vowed never to fall in love again.
So I threw myself into the club business.
Women were trouble, plain and simple, but I just couldn’t keep my gaze off Rory.
She had all the right curves in all the best places.
Still, she wasn’t worth the trouble.
But the more I try to ignore her, the more I feel she belongs to me.
But there’s danger in the city.
So many kidnappings, threats and attacks.
I will keep Rory safe and protected at all times.

I’m not the type to get hung up on a woman.
I’ve been through my fair share of women in the past.
But there was something about this woman.
The moment I saw Skye, I knew she was different.
Her smooth curves and gorgeous eyes.
She’s the hottest woman at the club.
But there’s more to her than that.
And I can’t wait to find out.
But with the life I lived, that was just asking for trouble.
I will keep Skye safe at all costs.

I have sworn to remain celibate.
My Harley is the one and only loyal woman in my life.
All my work is for the Devil’s Flames.
My brothers. My club. My family.
But being the President of this MC is a tough job.
Zeke suggested I take some time off.
And when I did, I met the woman I could not take my eyes off.
The moment I saw Regan, I knew she belonged to me.
Her touch was just what I needed.
Her perfect smooth figure drives me wild.
But there are some things I need to take care of first.
Those bastards don’t know who I am.
I’m gonna put an end to this madness.
I will do everything in my power to protect Regan no matter what.

My Review

I read theese books as a boxed set so I read the first 5 and reviewed them all together. I enjoyed this MC Series and that authors way of writting.

Book Titles in the Series

Rafe, Zeke, Eli, Harrison, Corey

Rafe ( Book 1 )

The first book in this series with Rafe and Kira. This book takes place in Houston, Texas. This book has an interesting dynamic between the club brothers. They aren’t as cavemen as I expected for an Mc book. However, the book is filled with gruesome action-packed scenes that may offend some readers. This book is all about revenge as the Flames hunt down their rival Mc president. They even kidnap the sister of the Mc rival leader – Kira. It is interesting to see how she reacts to the kidnaps and the flames Mc. As things heat up, so do her and the Vp Rafes relationship. This book has lots of steamy interactions. This book consists of so many encounters with other MC s that I was surprised, but it all leads to a fantastic story. Rafe keeps his past and reason close to his chest, not really disclosing motives to the reader. Kira’s past comes out but only serves to add more an intriguing story and fuel to the revenge fire. Rafe’s story comes out again, and even more, atrocities are the hands of Kita’s brother come to light. I thought this book was done, but I was surprised just as I was expecting and a neat happy ending. The author threw in one heck of a surprise with even more action and gruesome details. This book does end happy, but due to the insane amount of gruesome details plus the steamy scenes, it is definitely for a mature audience. Revenge is definitely taken even if not all the drama is solved.
I did enjoy how the author portrayed the MC as a family. How they accepted Kira and treated her appropriately and well as other non-rival clubs. The family aspects in this book were powerful and very important to the main characters. So yes, this book is gut-wrenching but mostly from past and current choices that affect our main characters.

Zeke ( Book 2 )

So in the first book, Zeke comes off as a clown. He is funny and makes people laugh; he is protective and caring even though he is kind of like a petulant little brother. This book jumps back to Zeke in the hospital receiving from his last wounds. Zeke and Leigh are super cute together with a nice slow-burn romance that takes place over a few weeks. Of course, this book includes intense action and steamy scenes, and they get caught in club politics. After much hot and cold, they finally end up happily for now.
The author did a great job incorporating intense action and keeping the character’s perspective in this book. At first, it juggles between the dual view jumping back and forth, but it is a natural progression on the story as you get into it.

Eli ( Book 3 )

Eli is a tough character, and I really don’t know much about him except that he isn’t looking for a relationship. A girl or anything that gets him attached to anyone. I get the sense that he is a history we don’t know about as readers, but it isn’t explained. Rory is Leigh’s best friend and goes around the club when she sets her sights on Eli. She tries to no avail at first, but she is determined to have him any way she can get him, and what starts at casual soon devolves into more. Finally, she takes off without a word to think things through. She comes back to a mess and ready to proclaim her love, only to walk in on an ambush. She is injured, and with her missing, Eli finally sees how he feels about her. But of course, this gets even more twisted. And ends on a happy note.

Harrison ( Book 4 )

So far, his character has come off as the person who likes to cause drama in the club. Every time he gets involved, he gets in trouble, or someone gets injured. Harrison is a serious and emotionally withdrawn character until Slye opens up his heart. He didn’t even realize he is in love with her. They have multiple spats before they both figure out their relationship and their life. It ends happily, but it a gift to get there.

Corey ( Book 5 )

Corey is president of the Devils Flame Mc. He doesn’t want a relationship and is int looking for one. He stumbles after recommendations on a massage therapist who happens to appreciate his sentiment and keep things casual. Until something happens to force him to reconsider his feelings and obligations. But unfortunately, she makes a tough call for both of them. Which leads to an intense hazardous outcome. It all works out, and it was amazing to see the human side of Corey.

I really liked how the author incorporated trouble in the books, whether MC issues or personal issues the characters had to deal with. Of course, it isn’t all roses for them, just like real life, but it wasn’t so drama-packed that it took away from the romance in the book. Yes, every story ended happily, but the rough and tumble men really took time to come around and believe in love.

If you would like to read this box set of the Devils Flame MC Series you can find them on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate I earn on qualifying purchases.

There are more books in this Series that i havent read yet you can find them on the Romi Harts Amazon page.


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