It Figures and Figuring it Out by Melody Tyden

Rating: 5 out of 5.

It Figures

Once upon a time, Amy’s future seemed golden. Training to be a world-class ice dancer with her partner Austin, she dreamed of Olympic glory and the day when Austin would see her as something more than just the little girl he skated with.

Then, in the blink of an eye, her whole life changed. Four years later, she’s just another face in the crowd at her university journalism program and everyone calls her Mia. Only her closest friends and family know anything about her past of the dreams she used to have.

And that’s what she thought she wanted, until another twist of fate throws her temporarily back into Austin’s world. Can she keep the truth about who she is hidden from the one person who used to know her better than anyone?

Figuring it Out

This is the second part of It Figures.

After making peace with Austin and everything that happened between them, Mia finds herself back in the world of high-level ice dancing she thought she’d left behind for good. It’s an incredible opportunity and she doesn’t want to do anything to mess it up, including getting involved with the one man she’s never been able to resist.

When fate throws another twist their way, she’s faced with a choice she never thought she’d have to make. Is there still a chance for all her dreams to come true, on and off the ice?

Will Mia manage to get the happy ending that Amy never did? When she’s given the choice, which life will she choose?

My Review

I decided to review theese books together since they connect so well you really do need to read It Figures before reading Figuring it Out. The context of the story works better if you understand the past before the present.

It Figures

The blurb of this book definitely caught my attention. I love a little intrigue with my stories.

Amelia was a figure skater who is now a college student. She is starting over new looks, new name, and praying she isn’t recognized. Oh, surprise, she gets a feature article on her old skating partner. As she does the interview and spends time with Austin, she gets many flashbacks, but one is very emotional. I wonder why she doesn’t ice skate anymore? That answer comes eventually, and wow, does it bring out the emotions. This book is full of unexpected history. Austin does figure out who she is, and I wonder how this story will end.

I’m not disappointed, although this story has a lot of emotions involved in it. It also had heart, intriguing plot twists, and unexpected revelations. I love the way the author provided the reader’s history and emotional reading with her characters. This story felt like it could have been a re-telling of real life. Her personality came alive in the process as you read and get to know Amelia. Although the story was focused on Amelia, it did jump back and forth to Austin’s perspective. This story is a much about the past as it is the present. The author did a fantastic job of incorporating both current and previous drama into the account.

I almost felt like there was a ton of life lessons in this story. The way the characters adapted to situations out of their control and handled past revelations sent us readers on emotional tailspins. I love how the book ended with some closure, at least to the past for this story. It seems that the next book will be focused on the future. I’m excited to read more about these characters and see what comes of their attraction.

Figuring it Out

You must read It figures before you read this book as you need the history before you understand the present.

Amelia gets a blast from her past as she is now the choreographer for Austin and Grace. They finally have a chance to talk and clear the air. However, as she prepares to travel with Austin and Grace for their first performance of her choreographed dance, the reader can sense the excitement and hidden feelings. She is keeping things professional after Austin’s reveal but struggling with her own jealousy. Things get twisted in Japan. I was really surprised by the turn of events in the book. But I absolutely love how it ended.

This book isn’t as emotional as the first book. Yes, some truths come to light, but they aren’t as disappointing to the reader. Amy is brave, intelligent, and talented, and it really shines in the pages of this story. Austin is obviously a little lovesick, but he does manage to focus when it is crucial. This story was more about dreams and what someone might do to accomplish theirs. I was surprised by the turn of events and the progression the book took after. I really enjoyed this story. It was inspirational, definitely romantic, and even included a steamy scene or two. The characters really had a connection the reader could feel and imagine as the story continued. This was a fantastic romantic read.

Would you like to read theese new releases by Melody Tyden you can find both books on Amazon for kindle and paperback formats. It Figures and Figuring it Out recently launched and are a fantastic read. As an Amazon Asssociate I earn on qualifying purchases.

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  1. I love Melody so much for her writing. She makes every character come to life in your mind. 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟


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