Jump Point: A Bear Shifter Firefighter Romance (Rocky Mountain Smokejumpers Book 2) by Ophelia Sexton

Rating: 4 out of 5.

He can protect her from anything…except himself.
Bear shifter and smokejumper Mike Nakano is secretly in love with his friend and teammate, coyote shifter Kara Latrans. He’s quiet, serious, and extremely reserved. She’s bubbly, confident, and a notorious practical joker on their smokejumper team. Complicating things is a history of bad feelings between their different shifter lineages.
He doesn’t want to risk their tentative friendship by confessing his feelings for her. But all that changes when the two of them are sent to fight a fire in Denali National Park, and forced to undertake a grueling trek across the untamed Alaskan wilderness.
As they face hardship and danger together, Mike is driven to protect the woman he wants as his mate—but can he save her from his own desires?

My Review

Kara is a coyote shifter. She is headstrong and determined. She wants a life, but she loves her job. Unfortunately, her bf doesn’t love her job and breaks up with her sending her spiraling right before a big jump. Mike is a bear shifter who is also a smokejumper on the team. He has a crush on Kara. He is determined to protect her and show her interspecies can be mates. This book is steamy !!! These two shifters light the pages on fire as they connect and work thru the issues they have.

I love how the author broached the subject of inter-species mating with a coyote and bear shifter. I also loved that they worked out happily in the story. The author gives enough background thru conversation to understand issues that come up later. This was an enjoyable read, and I look forward to the next book in this series.

if you would like to read Jump Point by Ophelia Sexton you can find it on Amazon. It is part of the Rocky Mountian Smoke Jumper Series and my Summer Reading Challenge list. As an Amazon Asssociate I earn on qualifying purchases.


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