How do you Prefer to Read?

The options to read seems to be endless in the 20th century, but some have more features than others. So, what do you prefer?

I wanted to take the time to go over some of my favorite online reading options and see what others prefer as well. While the options seems endless, I chose some of the top apps I have heard about. If I missed something important please feel free to comment. I’m no expert, but as an avid reader I have tried several of the options below in my quest to read at my own convenience,

Kindle Unlimited

While Kindle is a great option if you like to read digitally. They offer both an E-reader device and an application that can be downloaded to any device. I haven’t used a specific Kindle E-reader, but instead favor adding the Kindle App to my existing devices. Kindle Unlimited is a subscription service where you pay a monthly fee to access lots of content.

I prefer Kindle unlimited as i get the most bang for my buck I tend to read 30 to 40 books a month and with this subrsciption I can read them generally free. which means not having to check out every time I want a new book. I can see how this could be not helpful with the variety of choices they offfer pending the amount you read or titles you want to read ,

Kindle Unlimited also offer audio book content as well as digital book content. They do have information up front on the Faq page about what you get for this service.

If your interested in checking out the service or have it I would love to hear your feedback .

Apple Books

While I have used this service, im not overly familiar with it . It works similar to Kindle allowing you to buy books for maybe less then you would pay for the actual copy . This service stores all your purchased contents and lets you control it. You also can join fun book clubs and you only pay for what you read and own the copies digitally. Have you read on Apple books ? What do you love about it ?

I found this article from another blogger very helpful in descibing what Apple books has to offer . What You Need to Know about Using Apple Books. Want to check out Apple books for yourself?

Per Chapter Reading Apps

While I have dabbled with this I find them frustrating at best. I tend to like to binge read my books and having to wait per chapter definitly slows me down, they do offer non payment options where you earn coins or something else to unlock the next chapter. I find that if you do pay for some content it is oftern more then entire book would be from other sites like Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other places that offer Ebooks.

I have only really played with the Dreame App and while I do appreciate the clear view of the content available . I do find the pay or unlock per chapter to be frustrating, For example it took me 6 months to unlock a 100 chapter book and read it, I had to log in daily to get coins to unlock content. While I did get frustrated and pay for about 50 chapters to unlock thoose only lasted a me a few days and for the cost I would have been able to purchase a number of full e-books from other services.

Check out this article on New Apps Provide a World of Literature, One Chapter at a Time by the New York TImes. While this doesnt exclusiviley mention the Dreame app it does mention Apps like it that offer chapter by chapter books.

What do you think about these reading apps ? Have you used one personally?

Bookstore Apps like Barnes and Noble and and Walmart ebooks

While theese are convient and alot like what is offered for Apple books they do offer both Auido books, ebooks and purchase of the actual book.

Barnes and Noble offers a vendor specific app called Nook that allows you to read you content on any device Barnes and Noble offers their own specic Nook device as well as a subsctiption like service that gives you options for free and discounted products both in store and online. Thier service also offers an Faq page to better understand what they offer. Check out this article on one bloggers trial of the Nook device by This Lamp Want to know more about they offer ? Do your prefer to read on this platform or by this Brand?

Another very similar ebook distributor is Walmart ebooks yes this brand offers a similar service to Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Apple Books. They offer a free downloadable Walmart ebooks app, Where you can purchase content just like the other services. you can check out the benefits of the app. This service seems to offer free and discounted ebook options as well as full price options. The app itself is free and you only pay for the content you choose. Check out one bloggers view on the service they offer by Do you use this service? What are you opinons on this option?

Audio Books

While many services offer audio book content as well as pdf or mobi books like Kindle, Nook by Barnes and Noble. the one I have speficially heard of is Audible.

Audible is a pay per month service that offers a selection to choose from with credits you purchase . This app is fantastic for thoose who may be more interested in hearing a book then reading one. The subscriptions costs varies by the amount of content you want, you can check out Audible. Audible is an Amazon company offering exclusive ownership of your purchased with coin content,

I have not used this service myself as I prefer to read my books. So i’m no expert on audio books however I did find a blogger who has tried this service and discussed it throughly check out Bryan Collins thoughts with this article Is Audible Worth It? 7 Reasons Why It’s a Great Choice. What are your thoughts on audio books? Is this something you have wanted to try or maybe have tried yourself ?

Paperback and Hardback Books

Nothing beats the feel or smell of a book however with the inventions and convience of digital books who actually still reads all thier content in page form. I know many services offer book subscibtions kits where you can recieve new books monthly to read as well as discount and full price options to grab some of you favorite books.

However books have a come a long way and what you prefer to read may be speicfially to your prefernce. I found this article by SF Book Reviews on The History of Books to be interesting specifically how they have changed over time.

While I dont mind a real book I do tend to read digitally due to cost and storage factors. Yes, I love a big library filled with books and comfy furniture to curl up in and read on, but that isn’t priactical for me in my daily home. Hence digital reading I can store my content on the device or the account hooked up to it and I dont have to worry about space or moving issues with the amount I love to read,

So the real question is as the user how do you prefer to read ? While I encourage reading and love literacy I get that it isn’t for everyone or in everyones interest. However, there are so many options to get books in readers hands. That it is almost impossible not to read or listen to a book. I know there are probabaly many types I didn’t cover or haven’t even heard of as technology adds to our options, So what do you prefer?


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