Claimed by the Alpha: An Alpha Werewolf Romance (Sanctuary Series Book 1) by J. Raven Wilde

Rating: 4 out of 5.

All Gemma wanted to do was get away from werewolf politics and her dominant, alpha father, who had done nothing but control her life. She wanted nothing more than to be a free woman and not be forced to marry another controlling male. When she ran off to the other side of the country, she didn’t think that she would be running into another dominant alpha male, Aiden. He shows nothing but distaste toward her. She would leave, but she’s financially strapped and has nowhere else to go. It would also seem that wherever she goes, he’s there.

Aiden had tasked his brother John to hire an assistant for their company, giving him strict rules not to hire a woman. So, it came as a surprise when John went against Aiden’s requests and hired Gemma. One sniff of her and Aiden is having a hard time controlling not only his temper, but the urge to shift. There is something about her that stirs his wolf. But he doesn’t figure out what it is until another alpha wolf comes into his territory and takes Gemma.

Will Aiden come after her, or will he let her go? Will Gemma finally concede to live life among the wolves, or will she run again?

My Review

This book starts with Gemma, one the run looking for employment to keep moving around a lot. She reveals she is on the run due to werewolf politics. She is also a human but an Alphas daughter. Soon we meet the sexy all alpha male Aiden, and wow, he has a temper.  I guess due to fate, not all goes as planned. But I love how sassy Gemma is. This story really came full circle by the end of it.. it was honestly short, but I did enjoy the story in it. 

I find this story interesting, and yea, the alpha is kinda a brute. But the whole premise of shifter being stuck because of a too-powerful alpha and the wolf shifter not having enough females and human females not working out is interesting. Although for Gemma, I kinda feel bad for her being so unique in this world. She basically traded one issue for the same problems in a different pack.  Although she seems to have more value in this pack, and after some epic edge of your seat action, the book does end happily.

If you woud like to read Claimed by the Alpha: An Alpha Werewolf Romance (Sanctuay Series Book 1) you can find it on Amazon. As as Amazon Associate I earn on qualifying purchases.


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