Krish (Book 1) by N.J. Bhogayta

Rating: 4 out of 5.

“A dark and seductive love story, Krish weaves revenge with romance in a hypnotic waltz.”

When Nicole Hill lands a new client, the captivating yet disturbing Raphael De’Angelo, her life takes a dangerous turn. In the blink of an eye, he destroys everything Nicole holds dear.
Nicole refuses to go down without a fight and vows to make De’Angelo pay. However, De’Angelo is far more powerful than Nicole imagines.
The more Nicole craves revenge, the closer she draws to the deceptive De’Angelo, and the more peril she courts. Soon it may become impossible to escape De’Angelo’s irresistibly seductive web…

My Review

Okay, so I have to be honest and say that dark romances are not really my cup of tea. I haven’t really read many of them, so I’m not certain the expectations for the story type or how this fulfilled them. I was asked to read this by the Author and agreed to publish an honest review.

The characters Nicole and Raphael are well drawn, as are the secondary characters they are involved with. The pacing keeps you reading without getting bored and there is plenty of detail to immerse you in their world. The writing started out a little bit rough but smoothed out over the course of the book. The story was well thought out. I was drawn in and, even though it wasn’t really my thing, I had to know how it ended (spoiler alert: I didn’t like it). I read it through in a little over a day, which for me is pretty good.

We are entirely in Nicole’s point of view and only know what she knows as far as Raphael’s feelings and actions. We never get a peek into his head to see how he really feels or what’s really motivating him.

My struggle is that it was difficult to like Raphael as someone that should be near Nicole. As a ruthless businessman and total jerk? Oh, yeah. Love to hate him! As a sympathetic character? Long walk, short pier.

I like Nicole a lot. She’s a little naïve, but she’s a good person. In a weird way, he helps with some of her damage but considering he’s causing more, I can’t be sure that’s a good thing. The way he treats her is like a manual on dudes you should avoid at all costs. Even in a casual relationship, that shouldn’t be okay.

I gave the story 4 stars because I couldn’t stop reading even though I didn’t like one of the main characters and wasn’t too sure about the content of the story. But the fact that I couldn’t put it down says a lot, I think, about how good it was. I did read the second story in the series.

This is for mature audiences only so be sure no one is peeking over your shoulder. You can buy Krish:Book 1 by N.J. Bhogayta Amazon. As an Amazon Associate I earn on qualfiying pruchases.

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