A Summer of Dreams: A heart-warming holiday romance (Honeyford Romantic Holiday Reads) by Tanya Jean Russell

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Arc Read from #NetGalley

A secret dream, two lonely souls, and a life-changing summer…

Having been abandoned by her father as a teenager, Susie Lucas has learned to rely on herself. Holding down two jobs while studying for an art degree, she secretly dreams of becoming a professional artist.

When she lands a prestigious summer placement in London with a famous artist, it seems that the dream is within her reach.

Unable to afford accommodation, Susie is forced to stay with her old friend Dean Parker for the summer. Though they were once close, Dean has avoided her since a shared trauma cast a shadow over their friendship.

As the summer wears on, Susie realises that the only way to progress with her art — and heal the rift between her and Dean — is to let her guard down and open her heart.

But there are old wounds she’s unwilling to probe, and feelings she isn’t ready to face.

And as she and Dean begin to tentatively reconnect, it seems that Susie is in danger of losing her hard-won control…

Can Susie and Dean face their demons? Will they be able to rekindle their friendship?

And is this the summer when Susie’s dreams come true…?

My Review

This book is not my usual story. There isn’t any omg action or secrets to excite the reader. This book is perfect friends to lover romance set in London and the countryside of England. The author did a great job keeping the story relevant to the location, even including tourist icons in the read. She also had many phrases and dialogues that indicated their location, things like pubs and flats. The small town and summer nostalgia that she included we’re definitely relatable and enjoyed in the story. This story is riddled with complications both as they work past memories, accidents, and bad decisions to embrace their future. Susie is an artist who is overworked and always caring for everyone else ahead of her own needs. She is damaged by history, spends the book trying to prove to everyone she is not the same as the history that changed her life. Dean is a successful computer programmer who is still working through his past and overcoming his own fears. He seems like a regular put-together person, except no relationship, has ever worked out, and he hasn’t forgiven himself for past decisions and consequences. 

Together they find happiness, but can they forgive each other and move past their history.  This book was definitely a new adult fiction; it didn’t contain any content to be warned about. However, it did end with a happy ending and a lot of learning for both the characters and the reader. The book has some outstanding life lessons interwoven in the story. If you love a sweet romance with a happy ending, you will love this book. 

If you would like to read A Summer of Dreams: A heart-warming holiday romance by Tanya Jean Russell you can get it on this link from Amazon. As an Amazon Associate I earn on qualifying purchases.

Thank you for reading my review I hope you enjoy this romance book, if you have read it I would love to know what you thought about the story.

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2 thoughts on “A Summer of Dreams: A heart-warming holiday romance (Honeyford Romantic Holiday Reads) by Tanya Jean Russell

  1. This looks like such a cute romance! Another reason why I need to get my NetGalley queue under control 🙂 Great review!


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