20 Books of 2021 Summer Reading Challenge


I’ve decided to take part in a Summer Reading Challenge. It is called 20 Books of Summer 2021 (more info and signups click here ) put up by blogger Cathy746Books. Really, there are no rules. Just pick your desired number of books and use the hashtag she has given you. I have chosen to read 20 books. Some are in a series and some are not. I’m sure I will end up with more than 20 books by the end of summer once I add in my ARC reads and Author Request reads, but I won’t be counting them toward this challenge. If you’re not comfortable choosing or reading 20 books, she does have options for 10 and 15. Check out the graphics below or on her post.

This is a very relaxed challenge and my first time doing this. I’m super excited to enjoy some summer books and share them with all of you. I will be adding a review for all the books on my list after I read them. I would love to know if you’re taking part in this! What books are on your summer reading list? This runs from June 1st thru September 1st. Do you think you can read 20 books by September?

One summer.

Three months.

93 Days.

20 books.

Are you in?

– Cathy746Books

Here is my list

Hot Mess: A Players Rockstar Romance (Players book 1 ) by Jaine Diamond

Filthy Beautiful : A players Rockstar Romance( Players book 2 ) by Jaine Diamond 

Sweet Temptation: A Players Rockstar Romance (Players, Book 3) by Jaine Diamond

Lovely Madness: A Players Rockstar Romance (Players, Book 4) by Jaine Diomond

We Were Once by S.L Scott

Hard Landing: A Wolf Shifter Firefighter Romance (Rocky Mountain Smoke jumpers Book 1) by Ophelia Sexton

Jump Point: A Bear Shifter Firefighter Romance (Rocky Mountain Smoke jumpers Book 2) by Ophelia Sexton

Free Fall: A Fake Fiancé Shifter Romance (Rocky Mountain Smoke jumpers Book 3) by Ophelia Sexton

How to Not Fall for the Guy Next Door: A Sweet Romantic Comedy by Meg Easton

Bad Boy Next Door: A Small Town College Bad Boy Romance by Hunter Rose

Summer with the Marine: Sweet Small Town Romance with Heart (Blue Bay Beach Reads Romance Book 1) by Ellie Hall 

The Summer House: A gorgeous feel good romance by Jenny Hall

Chasing the Sun: The brand new fun summer read by Judy Leigh

Maybe We Will (Silver Harbor Book 1) by Melissa Foster

Maybe We Should (Silver Harbor Book 2) by Melissa Foster

Repeat by Kylie Scott 

Forever Never by Lucy Score

The Blind Date by Lauren Landish 

Irresistible Bachelors 2: A Romance Collection (Irresistible Bachelors Collection) by Lauren Landish 

Journey (The Academy Series Book 2) by D.D. Larsen

To make this a bit more challenging for myself I’m not counting my book sets as more than one book. So, you may notice on my list some are book sets, some are book series and some of them are just the first book in that series . I’m also not counting my ARC and Author Requested review books as I don’t know ahead of time on most of those to add them to the list, I have made a list on Amazon if you want to read with me or save some of these to your reading list. If you decide to take part in this challenge I would love to connect with you and see your list.


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