Times of change:Book 1 by B.L . Dawn

Rating: 4 out of 5.

ARC Read

Fantasy/Paranormal Romance 

When a wolf shifter was in a pack, they’re ranked according to gender and power. Luckily for Tatum Roloff, she didn’t have a pack. Or was it?

Tragedy befell her family, leaving her in charge. Being a unique female wolf shifter with both submissive and dominant characteristics, Tatum stepped above the image of a male-led society. She learned to take charge and survive, placing her happiness on hold to be of service to her family.

When the time came to hunt for a pack, a plan formed to find a true mate. 

The Green Lagoon Pack accepted her, but she found herself in conflict with the beta brothers. Cade hated her, and Luke maybe loved her. 

Will Tatum be able to focus on her pack and find love, or will she let the shifters who hate her new female ranking destroy her chances of both love and service for her pack?

My Reveiw

I’m reading this book at the request of the Author I received a free copy and I am leaving an honest review . 

From the start, the reader is introduced to Tatum, not your ordinary female shifter, as she has taken on being the worker and caregiver in the family. Her family torn apart by an attack on her pack, leaving her and her two younger brothers on their own with an aging family member. The author has a fantastic description of their living situations and her damage. We met her brother Eli pretty fast, and I found it intriguing that he signed instead of talking. I love how the author actually got into why he uses sign language. The family bond is solid, and the reader views that very early in the book. Her brother James as well is introduced, and some of the family pack qualities were intriguing. This book has some exciting twists and turns. I love that author wrote the packs from a non-thriving perspective, unlike the regular super-strong packs but rather the one or all the ones they find are not doing well. Tatum is different and only wants two things a pack and a mate. I loved watching her being a strong female. Eventually, she does get what she wants, but I won’t ruin the book for you. The twists and turns to get there and progressive ideas indeed were an interesting read. She comes across as caring, strong, and protective of her family. I loved that she took her role in the pack and made a difference for others. The story was different from my standard wolf shifter books but enjoyable all the same. The author doesn’t follow the everyday shifter book style or information, making this even more enjoyable. However, the author did leave some topics hanging with her main characters that I would have loved to see the resoultion in this book. I would love to know if thoose topics would have a resolution in a future book or just a part of the characters’ personalities and descriptions. There is a mystery, heartbreak, and of course, some happily ever after to make you smile. I can’t wait to read more in this series. If you love packs, strong females, wolf shifters with a heart, you will want to read this book. Decide for yourself on this story but I would love to read more by this Author.

Authors Website

You can find Times of Change(Book 1 ) by B.L. Dawn on Amazon if you interested. As an Amazon associate I earn for qualifying purchases. 


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