Perfect Rockstar: (Game Changer Book 4) by Olivia Peters

Rating: 4 out of 5.


Bryce Church is a legend, not a man – except I’ve never heard of him.

We have a one-night stand the same weekend my friends drag me to a concert. They promise I’ll love the rumbly baritone of Nashville’s most famous rockstar turned country music sensation. And I do. It’s the same one I’ve been fantasizing about since he left my bed.

And now we have a surprise that’s due in nine months.


After performing on sold out stages across the globe, I’m burnt out.

Harlow offers me a temporary escape and the chance to just be Bryce, not the frontman of Creekside. I haven’t had a night of anonymity in years and that’s where it was supposed to end. But the girl is addictive and in twenty-four hours, she becomes my muse.

And now I need a lifetime with her and our new baby.

My Review

This story is a realistic look at a relationship that isn’t perfect, but I swear Bryce is so swoony. I’m genuinely enjoying this read so far. I like the meet cute introduction that leads to a sweet swoon story about finding your perfect match, even if you do it all backward. Bryce and Harlow aren’t the perfect couple that gets everything right the first time; instead, their story is very realistic, with trust issues, accidental complications, and their work life is challenging to navigate. The author wrote this contemporary romance, almost women’s fiction, focusing on two people and life challenges. The messages of hope and inspirational advice are thrown in thru this read; however, I didn’t especially enjoy the religious incorporation. Also, the person on the front covers differs from how I imagined the main character. But overall, this was a great read. 

I enjoy the banter between Harlow and Bryce. Even with the not-so-subtle name drops, Harlow is different than most girls he meets. Bryce loves his home in Montana but has been living the stardom lifestyle of a rockstar with his band Creekside. He seems to be burned out, more interested in what’s to come than what is happening now. 

Harlow is sassy and sweet, and I love the banter. She had less backstory than Bryce. One thing leads to another, and we get secrets and lies of omission. Oh, I like that she has some damaged mc vibes, at least with past relationships. The author includes the sensual and steamy right away jumping into this contemporary romance without pause. I like how current Harlow’s job is her success in the field is inspiring. 

Wow, not only is the first scene steamy and very sensual, but it might just set your Kindle on fire. This is the hottest scene I have read in a long time. Harlow, of course, finally puts all the pieces together and reacts in an understandable mature fashion. However, seeing as how this story started, I don’t think that’s the last we have seen of her.  

The author does get more profound in this story as the unexpected happens accidentally, and this story does start to become less realistic and fresh and more dramatic. But I’m still enjoying the read. Harlow and Bryce have a lot of decisions to make and a foundation to set up for their blossoming relationship. Intriguingly, the author brings religion into this story. Regarding her family and the support, she may or may not receive. Bryce is swoon-worthy and oh-so-perfect; you might be dreaming about being a country stars girlfriend, too, especially since he seems to be a rare down-to-earth billionaire.

I love that this couple isn’t all peaches and happily ever after instantly; they both have to put work into the relationship, and you see it from both povs. Each character approaches things differently, but they don’t need to handle everything perfectly. This is a very realistic story. I’m not going to lie; I’m entirely enamored with Bryce, especially in his hometown in Montana; this down-to-earth country boy is the sweetest man I’ve read about in some time. Almost to the point of women’s fiction with his words and actions. I love that we get a glimpse of Savannah and Bobby, Ashley and Gavin, and Cade and Victory. This series has some fantastic couples, and this book is no different with the family feel, country boy charm, and a group of friends you can’t help but fall in love with. 

This was such a great read. I did enjoy the happy-ever-after ending of this book. I also loved that their story wasn’t perfect, but worth it. 

If you would like to read Perfect Rockstar by Olivia Peters, you can find this book on Amazon. As an Amazon Assocaite, I earn on qualifying purchases. You can also get the entire Game Changer Series on Amazon and start from the beginning of this family of friends with Cade and Victory.

I have had the pleasure of reviewing each Game Changer Series book, and you can find the reviews for Perfect Alpha, Perfect Player, and Perfect Cowboy. I will say some of these books I truly enjoyed more than others. This series definitely gave me the family of friends vibes and I love that.

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