Perfect Player by Olivia Peters

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Bobby is the hottest player in the NFL, an infamous playboy known for breaking hearts… And Savanna’s pretend love interest for the next year.


When a star quarterback asks me to be his fake fiancée, the rules are simple: no strings attached and no catching feelings.

But I’m forced to get to know the man behind the rumors and learn there’s more to Bobby than perfect abs, a square jaw and azure blue eyes.

I’m in over my head, and I need to remember that it’s just a fake relationship and I’m only his PR strategy.


Focus, football, and one other F-word rule my life. The last one got me into trouble, so I hire a total dime to parade in front of the media.

But when she moves in with me, the line of what’s real and fake blurs, and our forced proximity drives me absolutely crazy.

We agreed to be together for one year, but I might just be in love with the girl.

My Review

This unconventional contemporary romance story embraces intriguing tropes with forced proximity, a fake relationship, and a sports romance. The book itself has wonderfully relatable characters and an addicting story that you won’t be able to put down. The author did an excellent job giving you all the feels as the characters navigate life and this unexpected romance. I love how sweet, swoony and steamy this story is. Bobby and Savanna are the perfect characters as a couple and as individuals. This was a fabulous read with big gestures and many misunderstandings but a happy ending. This book has a teaser for the next book in this series, and l can’t wait to read it. 

The blurb of this book looks absolutely intriguing. I can’t wait to read about Savanna and Bobby. Bobby is a player in more ways than one; he is an NFL quarterback and loves the women. We met him in the last book Perfect Alpha. He is a twin brother to Gavin. In conversations we even a bit of extension on Victory and Cade, which is really nice to connect the books. Bobby lives his life loud, and the media isn’t loving his hyped-up life expressed in the tabloids. Gavin and Bobby are also cattle ranchers in their hometown in Montana. Gavin and Bobby have that extra twin connection that makes this even better. Bobby stands to lose even his career if he doesn’t shape his social life.

Savanna is a friend of Victory’s. She works at a dojo as a receptionist and marketing guru and bartender at a local sports bar.

She lives in New York City and is originally from Ireland. She is totally still pining for Bobby even after a one-night stand. 

Victory gets a hair-brained idea to help him and, of course, plans it all out. However, she forgot to ask Savanna first. Will she agree to this nonsense and not be crushed when it ends? 

Obviously, she agrees with this insane idea. But her past love life definitely has painful memories for her. I love that she is family-oriented and wants to help her parents and sister back home in Ireland. This book gets steamy as these two can’t resist the explosive attraction to each other. Bobby really surprised me with his doting, swoony sweetness toward his girl. He always will leave you gasping as he pulls out a grand gesture, but then he kinda messes up big. The relationship is turbulent in this book as it is fake one second, and the next, it feels genuine. Things are a bit of a mess for them as she leaves Montana to go to Ireland.

I didn’t expect that bomb to drop when she arrived home. This book is very up and down in their fake and not-so-fake relationship, and he really does mess up a lot. You will find yourself in tears with the characters and smiling and laughing with them as well. I love that he does big gestures and swoony words when he finally stops being hard-hearted. The miscommunication is heartbreaking, and yes, some tears were leaking as I was just that involved with the characters. I love the steamy scenes and emotions this couple portrays in the story. I’m so excited for the happy ending and can’t wait to read more from this author. 

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