Perfect Cowboy:(Game Changer Book 3) by Olivia Peters

Rating: 4 out of 5.

A girl who is down on her luck. A cowboy who no longer believes in love. Hate has never felt so good.


A decade ago, I ran away from the small town where Gavin is king.

He was my first love. My first time. My first everything. After losing my fiancé, job and all my money, I’m forced back home.

The teenager whose heart I broke is all man with rock-hard abs, a mouth-watering bulge, and beyond grumpy personality. But underneath the smug smile, the boy I loved is still there.

And I’ve never wanted him more.


I hate Ashley almost as much as I want her.

We get snowed in at her dad’s cabin, and it doesn’t take long before she convinces me to sleep with the enemy. And that’s when I learn the line between love and hate is very thin.

Underneath the rivalry, our undeniable connection is still there. I want nothing to do with her, but she’s quickly becoming the one woman I can’t live without.

Maybe I don’t hate Ashley after all.

My Review

This is Gavin’s story; we know him as the twin brother of Bobby from the book Perfect Player. I can’t wait to get to know this character better. The book’s blurb has a few hints about what this book might contain, but I’m sure I’ll be surprised by the actual story. This book didn’t disappoint; it is a small town second chance romance with some appalling surprises and some swoony interactions. The book is steamy and filled with strife, but I loved how this story ended. Gavin is a true gentleman and cowboy, and he is very protective of his family, friends, and one true love. Ashley has trouble knocking at her front door as she goes home to this small town and finds herself and what she wants. The two characters were amazingly written, but the dramatic events may slightly turn your stomach. Still, I did enjoy the reprieve in the story from the action. I didn’t love this book as much as I loved Perfect Player. Maybe the type of drama in it was a bit too much for me. This book will need an author warning for the not overly described but unsettling scenes with animals.

This book begins with Gavin in his home in his small town in Montana; it is a chilly November with a crazy amount of snow expected. Gavin is grumpy, single, and happy with his life. He loved and lost before and didn’t want to again; she burned him bad. Who is Ashley? I want to know what history he has with her?

The books jump to her pov, so I guess we get to learn more about this mysterious girl. We get a hint, but this story is certainly intriguing. There is a lot of animosity between this small town and her, including Gavin. I have no idea why but I can’t wait to find out. So I really love that Gavin has a big heart. Despite the past, his morals don’t change; instead, he reacts precisely like I would expect this character and further ingrains that cowboy respect.

With this amount of chemistry and history, I’m not surprised this book gets steamy as the characters explore the adult versions of each other. The truth of the past comes out, and it isn’t much better than the thoughts on what happened, but can they move forward?

I didn’t expect that arrangement, but I love that this cowboy thinks with his brain. This book gets very steamy. This book is tragic, and this couple has some major decisions. I love the ultimate choices they make and follow thru on, and I love the epilogue of this story the most oh my goodness, swoon, and it was the perfect ending to this story.

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