Night Fall (Chronicles of The Otherworld Book 3) by Melissa Cummins

Rating: 5 out of 5.

They will pay for what they’ve done.

The first time Mya met Erik, he saved her life.

He became her guardian, her confidant, her best friend, and lover. It didn’t matter that others might think their relationship was wrong, or that it would have to be kept a secret. Nothing else mattered as long as she had him. But then he died, and her world shattered.

Mya never stopped grieving his death, even after three hundred years. But it was all a lie: Erik’s alive.

While she has mourned and kept him in her memory, Erik has been enslaved, and used as an experiment in their war.

She will find him.

She will save him.

And she will kill anyone who gets in her way.

May the gods have mercy on his captors’ souls, because she will not.

Night Fall is a dark, taboo, interracial, vampire paranormal romance book featuring a strong, Hispanic heroine and her protective, possessive, Viking-fated mate. If you’re looking for an age gap, found family, who did this to you, touch her and touch him and you die vibes, this book is for you!

This is a steamy romance book meant for adults. Please read the Authors Note or visit my website for Content Warnings.

My Review

I have to say I love the author’s notes at the beginning of the book the outline of what all this book entrails is fantastic and a warning. The playlist is impressive as well.

Finally, we begin with the prologue. Mya restates the history of when she was at death’s door and met Eric for the first time. This historical event brought us to the start of the book in the 14th century. Mya and Eric have a complicated relationship initially, even for being undead. Their first interactions that seem forbidden are very sensual and very possessive.

This story has much history, with an expanded perspective on their relationship and crucial moments. Some steamy scenes are well described to capture the character’s feelings and expressions. We get the possessive Alpha Male.

The story jumps again to the 18th century. I find their extra abilities intriguing. This story gets dark and twisted as their life in the new world isn’t exactly as planned. Mya has matured in the story as we watch her go from a teenager to a young woman to adulthood in her vampirism.

I’ve fallen so far into this tale that I forgot this twist was coming. Yes, the story she weaved managed to surprise me. After this shocking twist, we do finally get to the present day. Myas’ story is profound and very well written. There is so much description and time in this book that is covered.

The steamy scenes start sizzling as Mya encounters another dose of reckless behavior. I want to know where this goes because I expected something else. Wow, the end of this book reminds me of a honeymoon, but I do like that I finally felt the joy in this story. The ending was fabulous, and this is Melissa Cummins’s best book. The writing was on point, and the story inside has a depth to it not typically found in paranormal romance. I enjoyed this book and appreciated the author’s warning at the story’s beginning.

If you would like to read Night Fall by Melissa Cummins, you can find this book on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn on qualifying purchases.

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