The Chase (Philadelphia Bulldogs Book 4) by Danica Flynn

Rating: 4 out of 5.


I’ve always been the fun guy. The no-strings attached, I’ll call you never guy. But there’s a cute blonde who works for my sister that I’ve had my eye on. But she’s got good girl written all over her, and I know I don’t deserve her.


When I went home with my boss’ brother, I thought I would never hear from him again. TJ’s not one for monogamy. But when he kept asking me out and said he wanted something more, I wasn’t sure what to believe.

Maybe going along for the ride with the hot hockey player would help me get over my issues in the bedroom. It’s not like he wanted to be my boyfriend.

My Review

We begin this story with TJ. You may remember him from “Against The Boards “as Roxanne’s twin brother. TJ is cocky, loud, and the life of the party. TJ was a playboy, but not he seems to be changing his way or at least thinking about it. This opposites-attract hockey romance also incorporates mental health issues, many steamy scenes, and lovable characters. 

Maxine is complicated with a sad history and many emotional issues, but she catches TJ’s attention. Damn, this book gets steamy fast. Maxine is hesitant to give TJ a chance. I didn’t think his reputation helped him; however, they have a lot of chemistry when she finally does. I like that the author brought up sensitive topics in this book, like anxiety attacks and other things.

His nickname is very sweet, and I love that he shows up in person and in special moments for her. It is truly romantic, with many steamy scenes in the bedroom. This relationship is rocky as both struggles with their mental health issues. Still, they do learn to struggle together and let others in. 

I love that playboy TJ turned into such a lovely boyfriend. I’m glad they decided to fight for each other, as it makes a really sweet romantic read. I love how this story ends, and we get a glimpse of a happy future. 

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