Swan Song by Robin Clement

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Swan Song is an enthralling tale in which the Supernatural world and Humans collide in the magical heart of New Orleans…

Lilibeth Anderson was the girl who thought she had it all, a loving father, a wonderful fiance and a cousin that had been by her side since the dawn of time. However, her world comes crashing down around her when the lies and deceit of those who she loves comes to light.

Killian Moreau, the once heir to the throne of the Underworld, banished to the mortal realm after being framed by his younger twin brother. Now living in the City of New Orleans to live his life amongst humans while searching for a magic that will take him back home to right the wrongs against him.

But, what happens when Killian the former Crowned Prince of the Underworld meets Lilibeth, a half-angel half-fae who knows nothing of her heritage, the supernatural world or how their destinies are entwined.

Is Lilibeth the key l Killian has been looking for?Will she help him find his way back home to clear his name and take his rightful place on the throne? Or will he be the one who helps Lilibeth?

Swan Song is an enthralling novel filled with humans, supernaturals, love and the ultimate betrayal of someone you love and trust. If you like twists, turns, magic and intrigue. Then you’ll love Robin Clement’s latest bewitching novel.

My Review

The title of this book doesn’t do it justice, so don’t be put off by it and not read this great paranormal story. This story is filled with love, heartbreak, revenge, fated mates, and action with plenty of adventure. I love that the author revealed the paranormals in the story later on in the book and really sucked in the reader with the romance and storyline first. The book had a lot of family drama, issues, and outcomes you don’t fully expect. But overall, this was a great read. I received an arc copy of this book, and I am leaving an honest review.

Lilibeth begins this book with a past remembrance and reasoning. She has a very connected relationship with her cousin Ryliee and a wonderful fiancée Kendrick. So for my first chapter, I can see where this book may go; it seems to be predictable; however, I’m curious as to precisely what the author has planned for the storyline. 

We get Ryliees pov as well, hopefully clarifying some of the questions in the unfolding drama. I can’t say I love this character yet. Ryliee is pretentious and jealous of her cousin; she seems vile and selfish. She has a secret about her cousin that hasn’t been revealed yet. In her plotting mind, she decides to take matters into her own hands and contact a paranormal voodoo person to curse her cousin. She also hints at Lili being unique but not sure how yet. 

Her life seems to be a series of bad luck events that lead her on paths she has to make the best of. Again we get hints of paranormal but no clear definition yet. Ah, I knew it. Kendrick is a gigantic prick. Killian, the first responder, admits his connection to the paranormal, and I’m not sure how she fits in just yet.  

Oh, the paranormal truth comes out but not sure how it will solve the more significant dilemma in this book. Also, I hope Kendrick and Ryliee get their karma screwed with for what they did. Not like Killian needs more points in his favor but his treatment of Lili is definitely helpful on the swoony factor. Oh, this book gets steamy as the paranormals find their chemistry in each other and true love. I like the adventure this is taking place and can’t wait to see how it ends. 

This book ends amazingly, and you don’t want to miss one minute of this story. I loved the romance and action in the story as well as the drama. 

If you want to read Swan Song by Robin Clement, you can find this book on Amazon. As an Amazon Assocaite, I earn on qualifying purchases.

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