Red and Her Wolf by Deja O.Grey

Rating: 4 out of 5.

After her life falls apart, Emily O’Hara inherits her grandmother’s summer cabin in the woods. As she explores the surrounding small town life and her sinfully attractive neighbour remains ever-mysterious despite his hot kisses, Emily is drawn into a magical whirlwind that threatens to take her very life.

Little does she realize that she possesses a wild magic all her own.

My Review

This might be a retelling of the classic Little Red Riding Hood story in today’s paranormal romance. I’m enamored with the characters, relationships, and how the author approaches magic and supernatural beings. The book takes a few twists and turns but eventually comes full circle. Emily and Kade are a steamy and hot couple, and I love the epilogue of this book. I like that the author added in her take on this paranormal fiction she created with lots of action and adventure, magic, and interesting characters. 

Emily is on her way to her grandmother’s cottage. The cottage is run down and needs some TLC. She meets her neighbor Kade after a frighting gift in this rural cottage. He nicknames her Red. I wonder if he is the big bad wolf? 

Wow, she is already having steamy dreams about her neighbor. This gets interesting as the neighbor interact, and more information is dropped. Dream melding is supernatural. I’m not used to what are they, and they speak of the Brethren? Oh, he puts us out of our misery and reveals his heritage. 

I didn’t expect that, to be honest. We got back and forth on perspectives, and the authors’ descriptions of the steamy scene are for a mature audience. Then the author time jumps back in time.. we get a vivid memory of Kades’ youth and a lot of information about his paranormal person. He is a little hot and cold toward Emily, who he affectionally calls Red. However, the paranormals start to come out of the woodwork in this book, first with Kade, then his sister, and now this creepy guy Blake. Emily is bombarded with questions and thoughts or after-effects she doesn’t quite understand. 

This book gets a taste of horror as a blast from Kade’s past causes trouble. He does the right thing but knows he must tell her his secrets, and he does, and she is surprisingly not running for the hills. However, life isn’t peachy for them as they battle their internal struggles and doubts. A lot of action ensures, and this book comes full circle, but it was a great read. I love this ending and how amazing Red became when she embraced her magic and her skills. The relationship between Emily and Kade is hot and steamy but also a little tortured. 

If you would like to read Red and Her Wolf by Deja O.Grey, You can find this book on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn on qualifying purchases. I read this book as an arc read from Book Sirens.

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