Alpha Hades: The Alpha Chronicles by Paulina Vasquez

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Some things can’t be mended. Born into the shifter world he hates, Alpha Hades finds his destiny on the same road used to avoid it. The air of danger that surrounds him is felt by humans and werewolves alike. He’s both a beast and a genius.

With a Bratva Prince at his side, Hades and Kazimir find themselves thriving in the shadows of the underworld, but the Moon Goddess seems to have other plans for them. This bad boy never wanted a mate but now that he’s found her, he wants to possess her. Odessa Theodorus may just be his redemption, though it’s not redemption he seeks but retribution. From cage fights in Moscow to the shores of Cyprus, all roads lead back home to Greece.

My Review

This book is an exciting, steamy, action-packed adventure that you won’t be able to put down as we follow Alpha Hades and Odessa on a tale of fated mates, criminals, and kidnapping. This paranormal fiction will take you from the underground of Russia to the island of Cyrus and then back to Greece, multiple pack territories, and even includes mafia characters. They get into some sticky situations, and it is impossible to but down the book as they work their way out of them. Of course, this brings back characters from previous books and probably falls near the timeline of Broken Alpha. The characters are amazing, the use of ethnic languages in the story, and the multiple fated mates’ couples. I love the ending of this book and can’t wait to read more from this author.

This book is a stand-alone in The Alpha Chronicles Series. Hades is an enemy to the Olympus Blood Moon Pack. His pack, led by his father, is into some shady stuff and rivals the Beast of Greece. He doesn’t believe in fated mates and only wants vengeance. He meets a friend at university and becomes fast comrades with Kazimir, son of the strongest pack in Russia and the ( Bratva ) Mafia Prince. He and Hades like to participate in underground cage fighting. Hades is a bit sadistic, but it seems to calm his beast; they are both wolf shifters.

From Russia to Greece, this book takes you on a journey. This book is action-packed to start with a look at their shady way of making money. Kazimir mate and their money napper seem to prove intriguing, being a human even more so. The chaos of their lives gets even more tangled as one thing after the next leads him down a path he isn’t sure about. The moon goddess is certainly rocking Hades’ world with the latest revelations and fated mates. I believe this book falls into the timeline or somewhere around Broken Alpha.

We meet Odessa, sister to The Beast of Greece and a Theodorus. Oh, her life gets epically more complicated at the funeral she is attending on another pack’s territory. This book focuses on Odessa and Hades. This book gets steamy as they finally submit to the mating bond. Oh, twisted, I didn’t expect that, but maybe I should have, but it does make the human thing so much easier.

Shit hits the fan, and Alpha Hades doesn’t expect his mate to do that, I’m sure. Now we travel from Greece to Russia to get back what will theirs. This book heats the action with a spy-like operation with so many unique characters and back together eh underground fight ring. How will they get themselves out of this one?

This story ends perfectly. In the epilogue, we jump seven years later to wrap up this story with a birthday party with all the fated mates and pups. We also get a sneak look at an upcoming book in this series of stand-alone books that intertwine with others. I can’t wait for the next book by this author.

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