Broken Alpha (Broken Trilogy Book 2) by Paulina Vasquez

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Buckle up and get ready for a bumpy steamy ride in the ancient city of the Gods, ATHENS! College in Greece sounds like the perfect escape for Raven LaRue. A strong willed Alpha female trying to break free from the shadows of her five Alpha brothers and heart ache. When she least expects it, she stumbles across a vicious beast who wants her dead. Ancient secrets start to unravel and Raven is lost in the world of the beast trying to fix what is broken.

Warning: This werewolf trilogy is not intended for anyone under the age of 18 or anyone who doesn’t enjoy a good spanking. It will take you on adventures around the world, make you laugh, fall in love, crush your heart and possibly leave you drooling. Side effects can only be cured by reading the next book in the trilogy – Broken Omega!

My Review

All the kids are babies and toddlers in the epilogue of the last book, so don’t be surprised with the time jump. We find out the family we have loved has grown even further from the previous story. Raven is heading to Greece to study business at the University of Athens. Raven is gifted like her mother and father. Raven inherited both elemental gifts and is now on an adventure of a lifetime. Of course, the experience has to ramp up right away, leaving the reader shocked and glued to the page. Add in twists like alphas and mafias, and you just can’t put this book down.

  I really love that as you read this book set in Greece, the author included local food names and even language and translated it, so the reader isn’t guessing what they are reading. The book reads well and has an adventurous vibe with a ton of intrigue. Leave it to Raven LaRue to get into trouble while studying abroad. I won’t tell you the details you have to read this book.

     I love the fated mates theme in this and can’t wait to see how it plays out. This book is from a dual perspective but not for quite a few chapters, then it jumps back and forth between the raven perspective and the beast’s perspective. I love Raven’s character in this book. She is sassy, strong-willed, curious, and has a penchant for finding trouble. This book gets hot and steamy, even with all the danger around the characters. This book is full of surprises, and I love how elemental gifts are used. They are enchanting, and I can’t wait to learn more about their rare abilities. 

    This book does end amazingly with so many surprises. I enjoyed every minute of action, romance, and adventure this book offered. This book is so different from the first one but just as unique. The author knocked it out of the park with a captivating story, a bond and connection to family and love that makes you swoon. This book and this series are timeless paranormal romance. I love the wolf shifters and elemental mix the author created in her storylines. 

This Trilogy must be read in order if you havent read Broken Luna go read that first. This series it is important to read it in order do to the family genelogy and phrophecy.

This book is for a mature audience it does contain steamy scences and intense action sequences.

Do you want to know more about the Author check out our exclusive Q & A with Paulina Vasquez.


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