Insatiable: Mystic River Vampire Academy by Annalise Clark

Rating: 3 out of 5.

So here we are – cat’s outta the bag. I was bitten by a vampire, and that activated my recessive vamp gene, so now, I’m turning into a vampire, too. Suffice to say, it’s not pretty. It hurts like hell and I get mad cravings and want to rip out the throats of completely innocent people nearby.

And that’s why they’re sending me to vampire school.

I barely passed school the first time around. It was boring and repetitive, and the other kids were mostly all idiots or jerks. I did not need a repeat.

But it was either attend Vampire Academy and learn the “ways of the modern vampire” or be killed. Yeah, that’s for real.

They were just gonna put me down like some rabid raccoon.

As much as I didn’t want to go back to school at 21 years old, I also didn’t want to die, so I suppose it was a choice between the worst of two evils. Today, school won.

And that’s how I found myself standing before the giant wrought-iron gates of Mystic River Vampire Academy, the greatest hidden gem of Mystic, Connecticut. I promise you, this sleepy little historic town had no idea what was really going on behind those gates.

The thing about Vampire Academy was… if you didn’t pass, you didn’t survive. The only way vamps were allowed to exist these days was by playing by the rules.

Unfortunately for me, I’d never much cared for rules…

My Review

We meet Carmilla. She is twenty one hates following the rules, and this is her story about how she was turned into a vampire and what happened next. She has some fantastic roommates. I don’t love that by chapter two, and we still don’t have a name for our main character. She has a memory lapse from steamy escapades trying to put the pieces together. She starts to notice anomalies like scents, hunger pains, and noise. She gets a surprise on her walk to find food that sounds good.

She does the right thing and calls the number on the surprise ladies’ card. The world knows about vampires in this book, but they are taught exciting things. Also, something about a dormant vampire gene: they admit her into a unique Vampire Academy where she is supposed to learn how to be a good little vampire woman and not kill humans. The author has some small grammar mistakes in the book.

There are some basic rules you are not supposed to break to be a vampire, mainly so the government doesn’t hunt you down and kill you. Mystic River Vampire Academy teaches just that you other graduate or you are killed. The author gets very steamy, and it is more than just male and female, but there is a warning for it at the beginning of the book. She seems to be adapting well but is also very horny.

Her time spent at the academy seems to be very helpful, and when she devotes herself and stops being a rebel, she learns something. This book gets mysterious as she gets or stumbles upon a mission to assist the vampire organization. Then it gets super-steamy but also more mystery-based and less paranormal. Most of it is a monologue of her actions and reactions to things and a lot of remembering and valuing what she is now.

The story was okay and exciting enough, but I got lost in the plot as a paranormal romance reader when it turned from the Academy and new students to mystery and detective work. This threw me off. I enjoyed all the classes and information the author provided, but it was also dull. The mystery and detective work took an exciting turn, but this book was not what I expected from the blurb.

If you would like to read Insatiable by Annalise Clark, you can find this book on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn on qualifying purchases.

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