The Pentagram Child: Part 2 (Afterlife Saga Book 6) by Stephanie Hudson

Rating: 5 out of 5.

As Keira and Draven reunite, it is but a bitter sweet moment as it is time they must put their loyalty on the line in the ultimate test of trust in order to seek the truth. But making it through the gates of Hell and back in one piece isn’t something they can expect or take lightly. As for one of our destined lovers, a fight for the other’s survival is something they will have to face alone.
Will Draven release Hell on Earth for the sake of the woman he loves or let her go?
Is one love strong enough to live through the end of the world or in fact, powerful enough to save it?

My Review

This book finally was the story I wanted to read for Kiera and Draven as they finally found some semblance of happiness. I love that; for once, they communicated, and the story worked out. Yes, it was still riddled with action and suspense, but it had so much happiness that I forgot the other moments. I love all the characters and personalities the author includes; there is someone in the storyline for everyone to fall in love with and someone to hate. Draven finally acts like the man I have wanted him to for the last five books, pulls his head out of his behind, and gives his girl what she deserves. 

Okay, so this book is probably the shortest book, in the Afterlife Saga so far. It is also the continuation of book 5. This book also has a warning for mature content. 

This book begins in the past with a moment in time for Kiera when she hears a demon voice. Dominic makes a horrible choice to release Hell to save Kiera, not knowing if she is already dead. Of course, this part of the book is action-packed, and some of our favorite characters are involved, including Lucius, Pip, and even Sophia. Alex, of course, shows his true colors finally, and they aren’t pretty. 

Oh, this book takes a sick and twisted turn as Aurora comes into play. Yup, I still hate her; there is no way she is trustworthy or honest. She, of course, doesn’t disappoint, and finally, Kiera gets her backbone back. This brings excitement and, of course, takes place in Hell. 

The reunion is fantastic, and omg, I love badass Kiera and Pip. Of course, Draven is full of sweet surprises, and this book goes back to super romantic. Omg, this book was fabulous. I love the ending, even though it was perplexing after all the happiness. 

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