You Can’t Hurry Love: Jukebox Collection Book 2 by A.N. Verebes

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Sometimes love is worth the wait.

Sara Carlisle and Charlie Rhodes are complete opposites. Oil and water. Chalk and cheese.

Before Sara even meets Charlie, she hates him. He’s insulted her best friend -a woman Sara considers family- and that is unforgivable. In person he proves to be just as obnoxious and insufferable as she’d anticipated. And, as far as she’s concerned, the fact that he’s tall and muscular with an accent to die for is not enough to redeem him. Charlie Rhodes is an arrogant A–hole (with a capital A!) and that’s all there is to it!

For his part, Charlie thinks Sara is a conceited pain in the arse. A prissy princess to the nth degree. It becomes his prerogative to get under her skin for the sheer pleasure of riling her up. He feels genuine enjoyment in the face of her frustration, and he makes no secret of it. Besides, she gives as good as she gets!

Fundamentally opposed in every way, it’s obvious to those around them that they’re not going to get along.

But unfortunately, thanks to their respective families, they are stuck in each other’s lives for the foreseeable future. Being civil is as good as it is going to get…or is it?

When their relationship turns from reluctant acquaintances to red hot lovers, they find it’s good.

Really good.

What could possibly go wrong?

In a slow-burn romance that follows hot on the heels of Handle With Care*, Sara and Charlie discover that you really can’t rush romance.

*Both Handle With Care and You Can’t Hurry Love can be read as standalone novels in the expanding Jukebox Collection series.

My Review

This book is an enemies to lovers contemporary romance. This is Charlie and Sara’s story. They have to overcome some difficulties to be together like long-distance, themselves and their own future dreams. I like how the author made the trouble in this book very realistic. The author has some steamy scenes. This is definitely a later in life story with some unwarranted fears and thoughts trending toward conflicts one may experience as one ages. This story was sweet. I did enjoy the romantic times with the couple, even from afar. I loved the ending of this book.

So this book is a sequel to Handle with Care; it can be read as a stand-alone story.

This book begins about halfway through the last one; with a quick read, you can pinpoint where this continues from in the storylines. Sara is Gemma’s best friend, and she has recently had the privilege of talking over Gemma’s boyfriend’s family. Mostly Charlie, who is and comes across as an obnoxious jerk.

Sara is a nurse, and the biological clock has been ticking loudly since her bestie got pregnant and found happiness in a settled relationship. Her on-again, off-again boyfriend is not settling down material.

Charlie is an English builder, a construction worker of some sort; he is older and never has had time for girls with his football, job, and taking care of his mom. This means traveling to Australia as often as possible to see Zoe and Gemma.

This book finally gets steamy as Sara and Charlie can’t seem to fight the attraction to each other. All isn’t amazing in long-distance paradise, but this couple is determined to try. However, somehow unexpectedly, it comes crashing down. When Sara gets her head out of her butt, she lets Gemma talk her into a grand gesture.

The author continually surprises us with life-altering decisions and events in this romance story. This story does end happily, and both characters get their most profound desires met in each other.

If you would like to read You Can’t Hurry Love by A.N. Verebes you can find this book on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn on qualifying purchases.

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