The Winter Before  by Karen Crompton

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Isaac Stone has stood out ever since he was a boy.

With a past as mysterious as the web of horrific scars marring his body, he’s no stranger to the attention of the locals in Woodlake, Montana. But he’s grown now, and peaceful life in the mountains, far from small-town gossip, shouldn’t be impossible to find. Should it?

Olivia Parker has big dreams that will take her far away from the small town she grew up in. But when she inherits a rundown cottage near secluded Briars Creek, she can’t resist the thrill of a new adventure and creating a home of her own. A home that’s right across the creek from Isaac.

In place of the boy, Olivia once knew, is a rugged man with emotional walls as imposing as the mountains around them. But Olivia is determined to unravel the secrets and in the seclusion of the mountainside, their connection sparks.
And although Olivia is a bright spot in a lonely existence, Isaac is afraid his past demons are enough to cast them both in shadow.

My Review

This story is about finding love and beauty in the unexpected. This story is filled with tragedy, happiness, and fears. The couple in this story had to navigate some deep-rooted issues in each other to find and give in to love. This book is full of triggers, but it is a divine story. I also loved that in the epilogue, I finally understood the book’s title.

Isaac stone, there is quite a history to this man or boy as he once was. He has had a tragic life if the rumors are to be believed. Olivia Parker remembers much of the past surrounding this newcomer to town. Olivia still wonders about the mystery that is the recluse, Issac. 

The folks in Woodlake, Montana, are pretty unique; some are outspoken, and some are more bashful but definitely have a variety of characters. Olivia gets a memory as she attends yet another town funeral. She seems to draw the attention of a local bad boy and the sheriff’s son Kyle. You’ll never guess who gets all of the late Mrs. Ackermans things in a twist of fate. 

We finally get Isaac’s perspective. Isaac likes to run. It is his escape from his miserable, anxiety-ridden existence. He also builds stuff at the local hardware store. She has an interesting first encounter with Isaac. Isaac and her start to bond over a tenuous friendship. Their friendship turns into a lot more slowly developing as they spend time in their own little bubble. This book is full of surprises, from truth bombs to some steamy scenes to heartbreak. I thought the end when I jumped twenty-five years in the future was the explanation of losing Isaac. Still, the author tricks you with the wording so read carefully. 

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