The Undercover Billionaire  by Joanna Jackson

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Daniel Carter is a rich, spoiled junior director of Carter Industries and the sole heir of Michael Carter, CEO of Carter Industries, a Fortune 500 Company based in the heart of London. When Carter Industries makes a deal to acquire an American company based in New York, Daniel is assigned to scout out and evaluate the company internally. However, the young billionaire naively decides to hide his identity to mingle with the employees undetected.

But what happens when he finds himself falling for the junior manager and his new boss, Alice Miller? Will he confess his identity or will the truth come out unexpectedly? Most importantly, will Daniel Carter survive his new life?

My Review

This book is a sweet, clean work romance about falling in love when you least expect it and having to overcome lies to find each other again. I like that this was a forced proximity romance but that it lasted once they parted. The billionaire addition to the story made this an intriguing read and even funny at times. This book does end happily, but both characters overcome a lot to get there.

Mr. Daniel Carter is a spoiled billionaire who is grouchy in the morning. He admits to being a soulless rich man who lives in London at his family’s mansion.

Daniel highs class life gets disturbed when his father sends him to New York to scout out the new average-size company and employees they are acquiring in an acquisition. He informs his posh, stuck-up girlfriend Nadia about his trip, and just wow. He is in for a severe wake-up call.

Daniel’s crisis over his independence is slightly funny. He’s losing himself because living like a mediocre employee is hilarious.

Alice is a junior manager at the company Daniel is looking into, and we get her perspective as well. Alicia and Daniel seem to form a relationship outside the office but struggle to keep their feelings in check. Both of them have an inner monologue to remind them not to get attached and work together.

I wonder what will happen when his truth finally comes out. He seems to have adapted to his new life without the rich temptation, but; then, he has moments that make you question his genuine behavior. This book becomes a tear-jerker as reality crashes on both of them. However, the change in Daniel is impressive, and I’m thoroughly surprised by the ending.

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