The Christmas Wedding Planner by Joanna Jackson

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Amber Brown is a newly promoted wedding planner with an utter distaste for Christmas festivities. Haunted by her previous memories of the otherwise happy holidays, Amber swore off the most wonderful time of the year. However, when her company gets a huge contract to plan a small-town Christmas wedding, Amber has no other choice but to dive headfirst into the joyous holiday.

With the Christmas enthusiast best man, Sam, as her overseer, and Nick, the dark-and-twisty local contractor on the job, Amber becomes solely responsible for the biggest day of the happy couple despite her own reservations. Would Amber be able to pull it off, or would her strong opinions get in the way of her job?

Wrapped within the white snow, fairy lights, and holiday spirit, will her relationship with the Christmas guardian angel and the stern small-town boy be strictly professional, or will sparks fly?

My Review

The prologue of this book is of a happy memory even though it is tinged with sadness. Our main characters here, sister and mom, are having a delightful Christmas with her dad, but none knew it would be the last.

Amber is a wedding planner in New York. She detests Christmas primarily because of an accident that took her father when she was young. She is close with her older sister Andrea. Her job drove a doozy in her lap with a Christmas Day wedding to plan.

Okay, this story immediately caught my attention even though it is after the holiday. I am reading this for one; the woman hates Christmas, not the guy in the story, which is refreshing. She has a valid reason for not loving the holidays. But I can’t wait to see what happens when she is subjected to Christmas Town, North Carolina.

She runs into a nice guy at the Inn bar, and they enjoy talking to each other. Sam is actually the best man at the wedding she is planning. Still, they flirt happily together, not knowing who each other are. This book has a bit of a love triangle between the wedding planner and two men at the wedding party. As they progress, they all get closer, at least until the proximity forces some of them apart. But of course, the age-old big city girl can’t leave it for the small-town boy, which ends on the part of the triangle.

The wedding day is finally here, and our wedding planner has done a fantastic job. She is finally liking the holidays. Unfortunately, the live triangle site just getting started; who will she choose?

I’m surprised by her choice and subsequent heartbreak and even more surprised the other guy tried as well; unfortunately, neither got the girl. However, Amber did leave Christmas Town with a lot of personal growth and career growth. I love the ending, and yay, finally, she chose the right guy.

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