Chasing Alys: A Rockstar Romance (True Platinum Series Book 1) by Morgana Bevan

Rating: 4 out of 5.

When love’s song takes over, you’re forced to find the beat.

Ryan Evans is the very definition of heartbreaker. Women line up so he can rock their worlds.

Except me.

I’m determined to resist Ryan’s charms. Who cares if he has striking blue eyes, and a voice that lights me up. Our beats are thoroughly out of sync. I am definitely, one hundred per cent, never again waking up to a stupid thank you note, for a night that probably shouldn’t have happened, with a guy who’s already on a plane out of here.

Heartbreak has been my dance partner for years, but I’m done. Love is a complication I no longer want. Especially from a rock star.

But there’s something about Ryan. Maybe it’s his charming determination to get past my defences. He creeps into my heart… and my bed, until I’m so wound up in him, there’s only one way it can possibly end…

My Review

This book deals with harsh realities and fears for relationships while dating a rock star. I love the author’s perspective on it and the lack of insane drama in the story. I love the playlist at the beginning of this rockstar romance book. This is the first book in the Platinum series. Alys works on show onset, but she loves to dance. She meets a hot guy at a bar while waiting for her friend Emily. Ryan sure is charismatic and charming. 

Unfortunately, she finely gets her head on straight and goes in search of her best friend. Only to find her heartbroken in the bathtub. I’m wondering how this Ryan will come into play and when since it seems they have sworn off men. Oh, an exciting night out and a few unexpected conversations lead to her discovering who Ryan is. I love that he is determined to chase her. 

They give in to their carnal urges, and this book gets steamy. However, all the fear comes to light. But I love the friend interference she is receiving. They finally agree to give it a try, and wow, does it get steamy. But then both their fears and insecurities surface, leaving than both vulnerable to doubt. How can they do this long-distance? Will she get over her past and fears or run away? 

This book brings those fears to light, and she doesn’t react well. This book ends sweet and unexpected. 

I loved this rockstar romance read if it had spice, sweet moments, and of course, a super hot leading man. I look forward to reading more in this series by this author. 

If you would like to read Chasing Alys by Morgana Bevan you can find this book on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn on qualifying purchases.

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