Baton Rouge Vampire (3 book series) by Roxie Ray and Lindsey Devin

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Taken By The Vampire King (Baton Rouge Vampire Book 1)

The deal is simple: spend a month with a mysterious billionaire who is the owner of Louisiana’s La Petite Mort Casino, and he’ll forget my father’s gambling debts. If it means saving our family home and business, I’ll do anything.

With his strong, sexy, take charge arrogance, Nicolas Dupont is a mystery to me. But it doesn’t matter how hot he is. This is purely a business arrangement. Nic can have any woman he wants and it makes no sense that he’d be interested in a virgin like me. I’m certainly not about to fall for a guy who thinks he can own me.

So I go hunting for a way to free myself. When I discover I’m the hunted, and there are those who want my blood, Nic claims he can protect me. But can I trust one of his kind?

When this began, I thought I might lose everything. Now I’m not sure if I’ll make it out alive . 

Stolen By The Vampire King (Baton Rouge Vampire Book 2) 

Until recently, I didn’t believe vampires existed. Now I’m being held captive and I know it’s not a coincidence. My captor isn’t human and neither is his thirst for me.

I have to find a way to escape, and I’m certain Nic is the only vampire who can protect me. Or maybe I’m being blinded by how he makes my heart race in the best way possible. Can I truly trust one of his kind?

When my captor says he wants me for himself, my human blood runs cold. I realize this isn’t simply a vampire hungering for human blood. It’s about something much bigger than me that I’ve found myself caught up in the middle of.

I have a bad feeling I may have started a war…

Made By The Vampire King (Baton Rouge Vampire Book 3)

The vampires are at war, and I’m caught in the middle. I thought nothing could surpass my desire for Nic’s dark, dangerous charms, but with my father dead from the fangs of our enemy, everything has changed.

I’m consumed with the need to seek vengeance. Suddenly, I realize what I must do. I ask Nic to change me. He forbids it. He tells me the change must be made for the right reason. For love. And avenging my father isn’t the right reason.

But with our enemy closing in fast, I’m angry enough to defy Nic and fight this war my way, no matter what the consequences.

My Review

Taken By The Vampire King (Baton Rouge Vampire Book 1)

Leia is the owner of The Pour House. She is also about you lose her family’s business because of her dad’s gambling. She goes to the store with the last she has left. Outside the store, she gets assaulted by a hot rich man and gives him one heck of tongue-lashing before she gets her sense about her.

Nic is the king, but he must abide by the old laws to take his rightful place. Something about a virgin and power. He is a casino owner and part of an old family in the area. Little does he know the girl he assaulted is non-other than the debt owner’s daughter. This should be interesting.

Nicholas is very political in his moves, always in complete control except when he is touching Leia. Their kisses are scorching hot, and even thru he has an alternate reason for his affection, I’m hoping that he gets blinded by the heart and true love. Leia is more simply falling into lust and wants independence; she is no one’s arm candy and won’t still be there if you leave her side. She has her own thoughts and motivations but tries not to be blinded by the handsome billionaire.

This story gets interesting as the truth comes out entirely. That was one hack of a conversation. However, it scared Leia enough that she ran away. She left the safety of Nicholas’s house and unknowingly put herself in great danger. Of course, this would be a fantastic vampire romance without a cliffhanger ending. I guess I must read the next book.

I have loved this story so far. It is like a darker, more angsty grown-up version of Twilight. Granted, that’s where the comparisons stop. This has its own unique storylines. It is just as fascinating, steamy, and riddled with trouble. Leia being a human and not aware of the vampire world and a genuine mate to the vampire king, is very fascinating. Her also being headstrong and independent makes for an intriguing read. I did enjoy how Nic seemed to shed his angsty shell when he interacted with her. I also enjoyed those protective moments from him that made you swoon.

On the other hand, the amount of peril she gets into is circumstantial to her beliefs in the book. It probably could have been avoided with some truth early on. However, it makes for a delightful story. I’m so glad I found this vampire romance series, and I cant wait to see where and how this goes.

Stolen By The Vampire King (Baton Rouge Vampire Book 2) 

This book is also from a dual point of view, jumping between Leia and Nic. This book starts with a prologue to catch the reader up from a different character’s thoughts. Francois, the vampire in New Orleans, who I am assuming is a villain in this book. He is even might be more demented than Nicholas and seems to want the same thing. Poor Leia is trapped and scared by yet another vampire. 

Omg, this is agonizing to read as we wait for him or be saved. I truly hope it happens before by the trauma at the hands of this French vampire. Oh, thank God she finally gets rescued. Wow, her captivity barely changed her mind, and this book goes from pg to rated r steamy very fast. But not all is good as we thought it would be once it is done, and now Nic must deal with a new threat.  

How will he get her to give up her precious humanity? I find it interesting that the war arrives at the doorstep. We see Nic’s true selfish colors as he must make a choice, and the choice is something that benefits him. This book gets scary at the end and definitely emotional. Leia is determined, fierce, but so fragile. 

I think this booked really lacked the romance aspects I loved in the first book. This love story has become a lot of drama, decisions, and gruesome war. Sure there are lots of steamy scenes and love professed, but the actions are usually selfish in nature. I honestly didn’t enjoy the book as much as I did the first one, but I will read the third book in this series because I want to know how this ends. 

Made By The Vampire King (Baton Rouge Vampire Book 3)

This book picks up where the last book left off with Leia asking Nic to turn her to seek vengeance for her father’s death.  

Leia is in quite a state of shock. Battling her own inner demons after the loss of her father and the visual of the bloodshed. Nic is back to a very caring suitor trying his best to protect and love her. 

However, her transition was quite gruesome and marred by a lot of pain. He finally does turn her even though it came unexpectedly. Then the war, they go to New Orleans and exact revenge; however, she doesn’t get everything she wants as Nic must abide by the council. The end of the book wraps up everything from their happily ever after to the leftover family issues. 

This book was filled with drama from one horrendous action to the next. Nic and Leia are constantly at odds with each other. He does eventually turn her, and I like the vampire version of her better. The author does resolve all the drama, and they do live happily ever after finally. 

This book is filled with gruesome descriptions of lots of blood and war. Nic is elbow deep in it all, and Leia is right there beside him. I liked that she finally became a heroine in the story and less of a needy, fragile woman. 

This book series was intriguing from the start. It developed well and was filled with plenty of action to keep you guessing. I did find book 2 and book 3 on the darker side with the amount of gruesome detail and bloody scenes. This book is definitely for a mature audience and does contain some disturbing scenes. As for the romance, I loved it in book 1, but I felt like books 2 and 3 weren’t so much romance as they were about being a savior. Nic was lovely to her throughout the books, but he babysat her too much for my liking. 

If you would like to read Baton Rouge Vampire (3 book series) by Roxie Ray and Lindsey Devin you can find all three books free on Kindle Unlimited . It does need to be read in order starting with Taken By The Vampire King, Stolen By The Vampire King, and then Made By The Vampire King . As an Amazon Associate, I earn on qualifying purchases.

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