Sassy Claws (Bull Creek Holidays Book 2) by Robbie Cox

Rating: 4 out of 5.

She left Brighton Cove to escape her past, but this holiday season, her past comes to visit.

Alanna Bradbury hates the holidays. They bring back too many memories, memories she would rather forget. However, when those memories step through the front door of the women’s center where she works, everything she wanted to forget flood her mind with nightmares.

It’s Christmas, and after his successful Halloween festival, Josh Rayburn is ready to bring Christmas to Bull Creek. However, the woman he loves wants nothing to do with it. Somehow, he has to get her to change her mind, especially after she brings her work home with her, which threatens to put all of them in danger once more.

Spend the holidays with your favorite paranormals. Christmas in Bull Creek will be suspenseful this year, but isn’t every day in this paranormal refuge? Still, Josh is afraid he’ll receive coal in his stocking with the way Alanna is acting. One-click Sassy Claws today to see how much trouble Josh gets himself into this time.

My Review

This book is a serious paranormal fiction about family and incorporates the holidays. The story goes into family issues, past and present, and family being who you make it and watching out for each other. The story does get complicated, but it does end happily.

I love the banter between Alanna and Josh, even if she is being a jerk to him. However, we get little hints to her hate of the holidays; like something in her past, we also get a hint about them being fated mates and her being a wolf shifter. Nothing like a disagreement to being out the steamy make-up scenes. Josh is so sweet and caring about her.

Dimitri is the Alpha of the Paranormal community of Bull Creek, a place for paranormal outcasts to have a safe Haven and some secrets set in the Florida Everglades. Adira is his mate and a witch.

Alanna has a tough job as she workes at a women’s domestic abuse center, helping those whose worlds have fallen apart. She is very pessimistic. On the other hand, her mate is very optimistic and loves Christmas so much he wants to help her love it too. This book gets more complicated as her life gets disturbed, with significant consequences and even more critical decisions.

The author included a community of paranormals of all types living together and supporting each other. Yes, the characters had family issues, but it all worked out.

If you would like to read Sassy Claws by Robbie Cox you can find this book on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn on qualifying purchases.

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