Resisting Avanna (St. Augustine University Series Book 2) by Kenzie Green

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Payson Madison and Avanna Dalton had it all until they didn’t. A secret romance tucked away from their friends full of passion, excitement, and love. College sweethearts destined for forever split down the middle when a tragedy tore them apart.
After losing the love of his life, Payson turned to work, leaving no time for romance. He had a rule—one date, first base. Nothing more. For seven years he kept his intimate desires at bay until he sees Avanna for the first time since she broke his heart.
Avanna’s world was flipped upside down after her sophomore year of college. Tragedy after tragedy struck Avanna’s life; Never fully recovering, never fully moving on from the love she thought would be her last.
Two different souls broken and left to navigate the world alone, find themselves reliving the memories of their past. One long week at the lake with their closest friends was all they needed to question everything. Will they take advantage of the second chance or move on, leaving their love at St. Augustine for good?

My Review

 Honestly, it took 7 years, but he finally made the right choice and chose love instead of money. I’m honored to be an arc reader for this book, and this romance is so good you won’t be able to put it down. There is nothing like a second chance with a sweet, surprising ending to fill your heart and head with all the feels. 

I love the playlist at the start of this book. This book does have an author note for challenging topics in the story that may be triggering to some.  

This book begins in the prologue with a vivid recollection of Payson’s life-altering accident. Beware, this book is heartbreaking as he goes thru this awful time in his life and even asks for his girlfriend Avanna. 

We jump forward seven years, still reading from Payson pov. Payson is hesitant at dating and doesn’t like to go past first base due to his injuries. Avanna’s pov she arrives for the wedding weekend with a date of sorts paying for the extravagant hotel on the city. Payson only cares about family and money. He is making a name for himself in his job and living an upscale lifestyle. Avanna has one heck of a life story as well. 

The story gets very depressing as Payson and Avanna rehash the years they missed together and why. This book gets steamy as they pick up where they left off. But then this book gets sad and twisted, and omg, the curves in this are very surprising. The story does end happy, but man, does it get tragic before you get there. 

I loved every minute of this read from the last to the present and all the years in between. This story is seven years in the timeline in the making for a second chance at love. This book has some sweet romance and some steamy reconnection scenes. It is also filled with some tragic circumstances that guide the characters from past to present. I love that the main character almost chose wrong but didn’t as I held my breath while reading it. The author hit this one out of the Park. 

This book can be read as a standalone book but it is the second book in the St. Augustine University Series by Kenzie Green. I would advise you to read Chasing Sedona first as there are some plot and character tie-ins. Also, check out the interview with Author Q & A with Kenzie Green.

You can find the Resisting Avanna by Kenzie Green on Amazon. I have also reviewed Chasing Sedona if you would like to check that book out as well as they are both in the St. Augustine University Series. I look forward to reading more in this series and by this author. As an Amazon associate, I earn on qualifying purchases.

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