unSUSTAINable (Reluctant Heartbreakers & Sweet Troublemakers Book 3) by Arya Matthews

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Juliette Davenport has always been the invisible girl.

Obsessed with everything Japan and photography, she also harbors a secret crush on Shane O’Neal, Project Viper’s rhythm guitarist. He’s gorgeous. He’s funny. He’s friendly. Who could resist?

But always hiding behind the camera lens, Juliette can never be in the picture herself—Shane’s got a girlfriend. What’s worse, she’s one of Juliette’s best friends.

Desperate to keep her heart under lock and key, Juliette hides behind a relationship with Jace Blackmore, Shane’s stage rival and sworn enemy. Jace’s presence is supposed to keep Shane away, but fate’s determined to throw Juliette and Shane together.

Everywhere. All the time. It has no mercy.

Because a dream-come-true trip to Tokyo to take promo pictures for Shane’s guitar-building start-up is the last thing Juliette needs.

Visiting Japan, though?

Juliette struggles to say no, even when she suspects it may be the biggest mistake she’ll ever make.

My Review

This book is a clean and wholesome rockstar romance. The author focuses on the characters and rockstar lifestyle, developing them and the situations they find themselves in instead of steamy scenes. In this book, the struggles are more internal and more minor in the situations; however, that does come into play, and there is always some miscommunication. This book is filled with doubt, emotions, love, and some great life advice. I love this unique take on a rockstar romance presented as a truly sweet story with just the right amount of drama. 

Omg, I love the chapter name; making them tracks is so fun for this rockstar romance. 

Shane is coming off tour, and wow, is he happy to be back at the Viper Nest. He and the band are excited to be home and back to their usual shenanigans. 

Juliette is just turning 18. She is a friend of Elise’s and therefore knows Project Viper. Juliette is an introvert who has trouble making friends. She and her dad have a sweet relationship; he is a supporting photographer for Project Viper and other bands. She is excited to know Elise, Charlie, and Fiona from working with Project Viper. 

Elise and Shane’s relationship seems to be on the rocks, but nothing is precisely clear yet. They have been together for a really long time. Juliette, however, I’m not sure how she plays into this story. So weird I was not expecting that, but chapter 24 will surprise you. Both Shane and Juliette run away from their problems and mope. I love how this story ends. The playlist at the end of the book is just perfect. 

Each of these books can be read as a standalone however if you want to read from the beginning of The Reluctant Heartbreaks and Sweet Trouble Makers Series you need to begin with Marshalls Story in unREASONable. Then read unBREAKable.

If you would like to read unSUSTAINable by Arya Matthews you can find this book on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn on qualifying purchases.

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