UnREASONable (Reluctant Heartbreakers & Sweet Troublemaker Book 1) by Arya Matthews

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Alexandra is a carefree nineteen-year-old from Saint Petersburg, Russia until a fire destroys her family’s business and takes her parents with it. Now, instead of chasing her dreams of a singing career, she’s alone in the world, without a ruble to her name. Barely surviving, the last thing she expects is a job offer from her father’s friend with connections to the music industry in the United States. All she has to do is become the new bassist for Project Viper, a young, chart-smashing band. Alexandra’s never held a bass in her life, but she quickly discovers that impressing five hardcore rockers is loads trickier than learning a new instrument. Especially when it comes to Marshall, Project Viper’s striking frontman.

An orphan from an early age, Marshall’s been tossed about in foster care, mocked, and ignored. Now that millions worship the very air he breathes, Marshall doesn’t skip a beat enjoying his hard-earned fame and his band family. And although he agreed to give the idea of a new band member a spin, he never agreed to someone who looks like she’ll snap from just lifting a bass, knows nothing about show business, and keeps secrets from the band.

Her fresh grief and his outcast past make them a perfect match, but Marshall’s dead set on resisting his growing attraction to Alexandra and tossing her out of his brotherhood. Alexandra has only six months to prove she can rock it despite her inexperience, and while her future depends on securing a place with Project Viper, keeping her already fractured heart intact may prove to be the most impossible challenge yet.

My Review

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

The first thing I notice is the characters don’t get named right away. It takes a while to find out who”s perspective you are reading. We don’t get a lot of background as the characters are introduced. This book does jump points of view between Marshall and Alexandra. Occasionally to other members of the band as well. 

Marshall is in a rock band with a few of his friends. He seems to be the lead singer and makes a decision, but they are a vocal bunch. The band is called Project Viper, and they need another member. Their record company makes them an interesting deal. 

Alexandra seems to be a groupie, but she also seems to have an interesting persona to her. She is like a fangirl at the concert with her descriptions; eventually, we read that she plans to join the band as a backup vocalist and bass guitar player. The concert is intense. As she meets the band, we found out that she is Russian, barely an adult, and has no one to go back to. She seems to have some trauma relating to fire. 

The band is fun to read as they jive and jostle with each other over the new bassist. Marshall is skeptical, and CJ is friendly. Alexandra struggles to fit in. This book has some nice rock song lyric references mixed into thoughts. I also love the inclusion of her native language with translations.  

The romance in this book is slow. They go from enemies to unsure if they are friends to not sure they should be interested in one another. After all, she is the only girl in a band with mostly guys. 

Things heat up between Alexandra and Marshall ( band lead singer ), and they get awkward too. Be prepared with tissues as this book goes on. You’ll need them as her story comes out. At the end of the book, I loved that we didn’t know everything about her, as it made it that much more emotional when we did. Marshall was a royal jerk, but I can understand it given his history and attitude of his character. I’m glad that they all cleared the air eventually. This book ends on a happy note and really tugs on the slow burn romance heartstrings. 

I enjoyed this read. It was a slow burn, but it was filled with overcoming, especially your own insecurities. I liked watching the characters interact, have fun, and bond even with strife in the mix. I thought it was interesting that the female was younger than the males and not as skilled but still dropped into a rockstar lifestyle. I loved that author explained things eventually in a conversational way instead of a monologue. This book was emotional, about friends and family and having issues even as a famous star. I loved that the author embraced the idea that everyone had problems, not just the new girl. Yes, this is a rockstar romance, but they were all-stars by the end. If you love a peek into the life of a dreamy rockstar and all their own issues coming to the surface, you will love this read. 

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