unBREAKable (Reluctant Heartbreakers & Sweet Troublemakers Book 2)by Arya Matthews

Rating: 4 out of 5.

After six intense years, CJ Sanchez has finally hit the sweet spot in his music career. It’s riding the wave of Project Viper’s fame forever and ever on, baby. But when a severe case of artist block strikes right as the band starts their sold-out European tour and gears up to produce their next album—

His bandmates don’t need to know about that. Shhh.

Besides, there’s Fiona, the band’s gorgeous assistant. Dragging her on spur-of-the-moment dashes through European capitals and coaxing out her smile is far more fun than dealing with whatever issues CJ has.

Fiona may be running errands for Project Viper for a living, but as an aspiring comic book artist, she knows all too well how traumatic creative slumps can be. And although she’s built some solid defenses against CJ, when the unapologetic flirt reveals his crisis to her, half-whispered in the middle of the night… It’s impossible for Fiona to refuse to keep his artist block a secret.

Pricey consequences may be hanging over their heads for keeping the band in the dark, but CJ’s breath-snatching smiles, playful winks, and unabashed flirting make it easy to forget about the possibility of a catastrophic fallout.

Too easy.

My Review

I received an advance review copy for free from BookSirens, and I am leaving this honest review voluntarily.

I was super exctied to read the second book in this rockstar romance series. I have read the first book unREASONable and enjoyed it. This series is Arya Matthews debut indie books and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

This book is about CJ. This book starts out with the chaos, feelings, and full-body possession of a rock show. Project Viper has made it to the top of the charts for two years and living the dream with their bandmates. This band has some unique camaraderie, the proof of how they spend their time with each other. This book does jump between points of view, mainly on CJ’s thoughts but sometimes from Fiona’s perspective. 

Fiona is the manager assistant for the Project Viper band. She has an easy raport with the band and especially CJ. She is also an artist. Fiona gets offered to go on the summer tour with the band leaving behind responsibility and her own dreams to progress her career. 

CJ seems to be undergoing a creative crisis in this book and on tour, sucking the energy right out of him and leaving behind a numb, depressed shell of himself. The story unravels bit by bit, piece by piece that gives the reader plenty of time to understand the confusing emotions and complicated relationship between CJ and Fiona. The tour is riddled with issues and doubt; however, they do pull through. We do see a different side of CJ in this book. He is much darker in personality, but he still shows how much he cares for his band and friends. 

This book is a journey for both CJ and Fiona’s very slow-burn romance. They both discover unknown parts of themselves and fear rejection. CJ is hitting bottom on tour and eventually causing so many issues. He does get a wake-up call from his band, and after things do start to turn around. Fiona gets fired and must run home only to reevaluate her own fears and issues. She does come back, and thank goodness CJ has a change of heart. They really are a sweet couple that compliment each other well, both being artists and hard workers. They both have to learn it is okay to need someone else a little. 

This book is a fantastic story of what happens when a rock star burns out from doing it all by themself or at least feeling like it. When they mentally can’t handle the stress of life and their own publicity. I love how the author incorporated everything into a clean, non-steamy rockstar romance. Seriously the hottest moments in this book are intense kissing scenes. The story is about each of them and not very romantic, to be honest. Still, it includes just enough to keep you interested in the relationship. This story isn’t overly emotional like the first book, but it still contains an amazing moral and romance.  

You don’t have to read this series in order but I do recommend reading the first book in the Project Viper band before you read this one to better understand the dynamic between CJ, Marshall, and Alexandra. You can find unREASONable by Arya Matthews on Amazon.

If you have already read that first book and so want to read this one you can find unBREAKable by Arya Matthews on Amazon as well. As an Amazon associate, I earn on qualifying purchases.

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