Smoky Mountain Pack Series by Lucia Ashta

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Forged Wolf ( Smoly Mountain Pack Book 1 )

Fighting is my life. I fight on the streets, I fight in my family’s gym, I fight to survive each day in this depraved city. But when my dad dies, I can’t fight anymore. I’m broken.

And that’s when they come for me.

The dark mages violate my very human nature and turn me into a wolf. I hate everything about magic—and now I’m a part of that world. I’m dragged off and taken to the Pound, an underground fighting arena, where wolves are pitted against each other to delight the whims of the perverse elite.

Just when I think this might be my end, he shows up, a Beta Wolf from the Smoky Mountain Pack.

The moment I see him, I can’t look away. I’m drawn to him in a way I have no right to be.

The Smoky Mountain Pack will never accept me, a changed wolf, a perversion of their species.
I’m dead on arrival. I’m going to have to fight my way out of here like I’ve fought my way through life. 

But when he grabs me and pulls me from the Pound like one of his own, he gives me a chance—and a chance is all I need.

Dark magic changed wolves have an expiration date. The only thing I want to do before this cursed wolf body takes my life is get revenge for what they’ve turned me into. But this mysterious Beta Wolf seems hell bent on keeping me alive.

Beta Wolf ( Smoky Mountian Pack Book 2 )

I never fit in as a human, and now that I’ve been magically corrupted against my will, I’m starting to see that I don’t really fit in as a wolf either.

The fierce and famous Smoky Mountain Pack rescued me from a fight to the death, but now that they have me, they don’t know what to do with me. Some would like to see me cast out, left to wander and die as a lone wolf.

But the strong and charismatic Beta Wolf believes I am meant to become a part of their family. And while the Alpha is lost and feared dead, it is he who must lead the pack to either victory or vengeance.

He doesn’t have time for distractions, and yet… This strange new wolf inside me calls out for him, longs to unite our bodies, to allow him to claim me as his fated mate.

But who has time for love when lives are on the line? Just as I’m starting to find a place within the pack, it could all come crashing to a violent end… And I’d only have myself to blame.

Blood Wolf (Smoky Mountain Pack Book 3)

I didn’t choose this life, but it’s still the only one I’ve got.

Made by corrupt magic, sent to die, then saved and adopted by the local pack.
I wasn’t born a wolf shifter, but I’m one of them now.
And I’m prepared to fight at their side against the evil organization that will stop at nothing to extinguish our kind

I’ve found a family and I’ve found love with my very own fated mate, the irresistible pack Beta.
But if I’m not careful, I can lose it all.
One wrong move is all it will take…

The Hunters are coming for us, and they play dirty.

My Review

Forged Wolf (Smoky Mountain Pack Book 1)

This story is about Zasha she was turned to a wolf shifter but all her life she has been a fighter. This book contains magic and dark kind at that. The city is called flaming arrow and described as so horrible that many escaped and ty odor who stayed had resilience in them. Right at the begging of the pound fight, the book changes to a different personal perspective. Quanta how a wolf shifter, Corbin beta of the smoky mountain pack he is likings for the pound and finally found it. On top of the pound and its vicious fights and dark magic, they also have to contend with hunters. The action Donets stop there. You must read this book to find out the rest.

This book is exciting from dangerous situations to all about battles, kidnapping and mate bonding. This book is an action-packed edge of your seat page turner. If you love an intense wolf shifter book with dark magic and many enemies, you will love this series. I can’t wait to read the next one.

Beta Wolf (Smoky Mountain Pack Book 2)

The second book in this series starts off with her learning to fight in the pack. You really get to see her skills. This book is about finding their missing Alpha Corin. The mate bond is forming between Zasha and Quannah as he is acting alpha, and she is his beta. They are also working on attacking and decimating the pound. The scientist does horrible things to Corin. That part was hard to read.

This book is an excellent catalyst between the intense action in the first book and the third book. It does resolve some questions as well.

I didn’t enjoy this read as much as that of others, but I did enjoy the steamy scenes and the action in the book. This book was sad but, at the same time, dictated a path for the upcoming book. This book does jump between the point of view and even brings in other magical characters.

Blood Wolf (Smoky Mountain Pack Book 3) 

This book is from multiple points of view, jumping between Gideon, Quannah, and Zasha.

This book starts off with Gideon the Hunter being thrown off a helicopter in pack territory. He sees his long-lost hunter mate, who is now a wolf. This story gets sad right from the first few chapters as we discover the alpha has passed, and now Zasha is the beta and mates to the previous beta, who is now the Alpha Quannah. However, if that wasn’t a big enough bomb for the readers, the authors add a clandestine meeting of Zasha’s uncles and a revelation. I find it interesting that he refers to his wolf as brother wolf, almost like an Indian legend. As they prepare for the attack and the action ramps up, I can’t wait to see what happens.

This book is a bomb with all the secrets and actions that drop, so be prepared. I could have loved it without the characters monologuing through the action scenes, but this was an excellent intense story. I did enjoy that Zasha’s bond with Quannah strengthened and that we got to see them as a steamy couple even in the most insane situations. The author did a great job in her descriptions, and the book was action-packed.

Overall this sereis was high intensity , unique take on a wolf shifter romance and I enjoyed all the action.

If you would like to read Forged Wolf, Beta Wolf and Blood Wolf you can find the Smoky Mountain Pack Series by Lucia Ashta on Amazon. As an Amazon associate i earn on qualifying purchases.

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